• June 20, 2019

Inspire learning & teach biblical values with complete Christian school. Little Books include 12 short readers that start with basic vowel and. Homeschool Preschool Lesson Plans.

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Abeka takes Biblical literalist and young Earth creationist positions in its science curriculum, teaching the Genesis creation narrative as a literal and factual account confirmed by sound natural science. See each listing for international shipping options and costs.

This lot of Abeka 1st grade curriculum includes It’s very thorough as well as interesting for the students. Archived from the original on Between andA Beka Book held tax exempt status, because its profits were channeled into PCC as a tax-exempt religious organization or educational institution. Community Helpers Activity Book.

Archived from the original on August 15, My America student and teacher key Letters and sounds 1 teacher key Abeka 1st Grade Reader Lot: It shows wear but can keep on serving future homeschoolers for years to come! Written exercises are also included, and students can actually write in the books if you wish. Hooks Curriculum book abka both the science text and this book, but it is not necessary. They do provide free review copies or online access to programs for review purposes.


However, there are not that many pages that would be written on, and it seems a shame to abdka a beautiful book by writing in it. This text teaches about the human body sense organsplants and animals, classification, the desert, oceans, ponds, forests, fields, and weather.

A Beka Book Science and Health Texts (grades 1-6)

The others are all in great boo,s new condition. A Beka Book 1st grade reader: Some of the books are brand new. Understanding God’s World includes a wide range of topics: If you forego the teacher edition, you will need to supplement the student text with library books or other resources. The teacher edition provides hands-on activities and other ideas you can use to make a complete course. Down by the Sea Firs Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.

The Curriculum is a guide for the teacher with lesson plans for both the science and health texts for sixth grade.

Not all books are pictured but titles available per grade level provided.

Abeka – Wikipedia

This was used when I bought it and it served all four of my homeschoolers. Lot includes Down by the Sea.


This is a nine-week course. This is not essential. Multiple copies of each title available.

If purchased you will receive four first grade Abeka readers all in good condition. The spines are very tight and there The Curriculum book has lesson plans for both the science and health texts for fifth grade. I suggest supplementing with some “real” books to expand on some of the topics introduced in this course.

Views Read Edit View history. This book is intended for use along with Understanding God’s World for a complete science course. This is a lot of 7 reading books.

I have lots more ABeka for boojs grade level. The same set of charts works with both this and the earlier edition of this text.

Abeka 1st Grade

Student Handbook for Reading The TE is not necessary. Book publishing companies of the United States Christian fundamentalism Christian publishing companies.

It is named after Rebekah Horton, wife of college president Arlin Horton.