• June 27, 2019

” TIP CAS. I ca IN ICAO. PвKE. | 39A. LM CR3 |. 3 A4. | IN 1 tci +. CI01 +. R8. 3 K. 10v. SCRI I. Astron Observations. Longevity. Family of RS supplies – all the same design Astron RSM Astron is inconsistent – some do, and some don’t. Don’t rely on . Here is an annotated schematic of the Astron RSM detailing the workings of the various parts of the Astron circuit. The annotations were originally written in.

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For some new radio amateurs English is a second language, and can better understand some electronics concepts and repairs via video YouTube instruction or pictorial diagrams. I switched it on and just checked unloaded voltage with my DVM It is a totally separate operation with no connections to the Astron Corporation that makes power supplies. I also thought maybe my meter lights were burned out, as some have noted, but on further searching found that gs-35a my unit has a fixed power cord, it’s likely older and never had meter illumination.

You get much less current at a lower voltage. Supplies rated for 12A or less RS and under usually have 3-way binding posts on the rear for output terminals.


Component side of the board. Maybe I need to try someone else there. The only way to find out is to try it I guess. On further searching, I found a wealth of info here: I’ll recheck meter zero, which I think was good, and then adjust pot R inside, as necessary. Astron model numbers indicate the peak intermittent current that can be drawn from the supply. A new series of videos is being posted for common repairs and educational for troubleshooting.

Heat is the enemy of electronics; in general, the higher the temperature, the shorter the component lifetime. Usually there is little if not zero electronic difference between the RS- series and the similar RM- model. These days, switching power supplies are available which are much smaller, more lightweight, and often significantly more efficient.

I have seen this happen with a substation where we have this gigantic buried ground mesh. Powered by SMF 1.

Astron VS-35M Variable DC Power Supply gets an upgraded MOSFET over-voltage circuit

I had called Astron but they were not very helpful, only saying “it depends” and not offering any rationale. Mains entrance and fuse at left rearpower switch at right frontand transformer primary between them.

The LEDs can be attached many ways, including a hot glue gun. Is this the correct site? Lists every piece of wire and hardware. Apparently the screw on the bracket had never been tightened, and things had been dislodged a bit during shipping.


Crowbar SCRs in Astron The board is not beautiful, but it appears to be solidly functional. April 27, The last I checked Astron website had schematics of all their linear power supplies.

Astron Power Supply Index Page

Very well written and chock-full of troubleshooting information. A conversion list of Motorola to Astron model numbers can be found here. Trust me, the person astroon answers the phone will be ds-35a when you tell them that the drawings from different years for the same model power supply show some different component IDs and values. Current foldback may also occur earlier at these lower voltage ratings, so beware.

This model has been in continuous production for decades. Two white LEDs with a single dropping resistor is all that is needed. New to Ham Radio? There is hysteresis on this pin to prevent chattering aztron 2 volts difference between off and on. It also charges the battery and works with 12 and 24V systems. Further info is available here. A trailing “RM” indicates Rack Mount, often for dual supplies.