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Misha Glenny (Goodreads Author). · Rating details · 1, ratings · 88 reviews. This unique and lively history of Balkan geopolitics since the early. Neal Ascherson relishes Misha Glenny’s impressive study, The Balkans , which lays the blame for the perpetual strife in that region. Misha Glenny and Mark Mazower take very different approaches to the modern history of the Balkans.

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This is based on the first pages of “The Balkans”. This allowed me to read about some terrible things and keep my compassion for the region.

The Balkans

But then again, Glenny is faced with the extremely hard task of bringing the distinct cultures and histories of these countries together into one overarching volume- so it’s probably inevitable some things got missed, but Glenny does an extraordinary job pulling it off. Aug 04, Ed rated it liked it Shelves: An independent Albania was mishx by the Powers, and defended against its hungry neighbours. In addition to a page narrative, he includes extensive notes and a Bibliography that covers an The saga of the Balkans is covered in pages and covers a period from to From a writing perspective, the book was average.

He goes into detail about what caused the breakdown and how it spiraled into the unfortunately recognizable style of warfare perpetuated on civilians that has been going on for centuries. Glenny covers this large geopolitical region by glennu a time or an event and writing about how it effected the different countries.

Ratings and Reviews 0 0 star ratings 0 reviews. The period from roughly to the Second World War is treated with a nice amount of detail, lending insight into the great power machinations and weaknesses that determined much of the peninsula’s history. To view it, click here.

But that is why books like this are so important; when peace comes, the world forgets about places like the Balkans until crisis revisits.


Lists with This Book. The Year That Keeps Returning.

The Best Books of I did not know, that Bulgaria has managed to save the majority of its Jews from Holocaust, in spite of being in alliance with the Nazi Germany. Inspired by Your Browsing History.

The Balkans, : Misha Glenny :

There is no attempt to deploy a model of nationalism, for example, or to connect with peasant studies. I can’t say I enjoyed much of it except the last couple of chapters WW2 onwardsbut gave it three stars because it is obviously very well researched and the author is very familiar. But his regime was cruel too. Only, says Baokans, if Europe and the West now embark on a determined programme to haul these nations out of poverty and social backwardness.

Historical Dictionary of the Republic of Macedonia. In doing so, he reveals that groups we think of as implacable enemies have, over the centuries, formed unlikely alliances, thereby balkasn the idea that conflict in the Balkans glemny the ineluctable product of ancient grudges. He downplayed the heroic resistance teh Serbs gave to the Ottomans.

As Glenny puts it: Jul 25, Luke rated it really liked it Shelves: A Very Short Introduction. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

I realized this to its full extent when I read on phrase on the book, that Serbia was the only Balkan country with a native dynasty actually 2because it was the only country who had won it’s independence war. In between, Misha tells an amazing tale of the decay of the Ottoman empire, the rise of peasant socities and forming of Balkan kingdoms, with none of the industrial and social revolutions that took place to the north and west, the rise of Germany – and its rivalry with Britain, leading to two world wars, the use of Balkans as the seed for conflict, in both cases, the post-ww2 Balkans and the continued oppression of the peasant class, and the turbulent end of the 20th century with the Yugoslav boogaloo.

People often focus on the big countries and their issues, but this book gave me Glenny offers unique insight obtained at least in part during his time as a correspondent for the BBC.


However, the book’s incredible realism also makes the journey much more harrowing.

While it seems like there are no good guys, Glenny reminds the reader over and over again that it is always the civilians who are massacred, who have to pick up the pieces and try again. Glenny does touch on social and economic history, but usually only where it is relevant to understanding the politics. One thing that did blenny an impression on me was the realization that Greek history, and indeed the history of most of the Balkan nations, was shaped by the fact that Greece in fact lost the War of Independence, gaining it’s autonomy only because of the intervention of the Great Powers and specifically UK and Russia.

People often focus on the big countries and their mieha, but this book gave me a better idea of how widespread the effects of socialism and totalitarianism were. It is no wonder that Glenny says it took him 4 years to write it.

The Balkans Nationalism War and the Great Powers | Erlet Shaqe –

A History of Russia and Its Empire. We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them. Book ratings by Goodreads. But this is not about some virus of sadism native to the Danube mud.

Greece and Bulgaria both lay claim to portions of Macedonia. The story begins with the collapsing position of the Ottoman Empire in the early s, and it soon becomes apparent that as the Great Powers moved in to fill the void they both infected and encouraged the emerging nations often their artificial creations with the same baleful, jingoistic nationalism which drove much of their own selfish policy.