• May 13, 2020

It is AD. Humanity has made it to the stars. Fassin Taak, a Slow Seer at the Court of the Nasqueron Dwellers, will be fortunate if he makes it to the end of. Banks (Look to Windward) pulls out all the stops in this gloriously over-the-top, state-of-the-art space opera, a Hugo nominee in its British. The Algebraist is peak Iain M. Banks. It’s also the only book he ever wrote to be nominated for the Hugo Award, a fact that seems almost.

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As much as I like the genre and generally enjoy Banks, he makes some choices that keep this from being a great book. The fact that artificial intelligences are anathema forms an important point in the structure of the Mercatoria, which is fine.

That frisson of surprise, the shock of the new. Complaining about a Banks book is a bit like complaining about the sun, but a few more life-giving rays would have been welcome, which everyone knows Mr. There’s also room for love and back-stabbing.

Of course, plenty of books are justified in their length or at least, we tell them they’re justified for fear that they’ll sneak off our shelves and kill us in our sleep if we say otherwise. In fact due to their longevity they have time to explore and obtain very very valuable information.

The Algebraist

The whole book was like that: We learn that the Dwellers don’t really fight in factions anymore so much as have “Formal Bnaks over somewhat trivial issues.

Being blown away to adventure on an ocean of notion is exactly what I love about Banks’s big-scale SF most, so the next point comes hard. The following review ran in the Peterborough Examiner in December, Dialog was hard to follow because everyone, human and alien alike, talked the same way.


The tone of the book is uneven, and one wonders whether Banks can’t decide to be Asimov or Douglas Adams.

Iain M. Banks The Algebraist Reviewed by Rick Kleffel

This book turned me off to reading anything else by him. Humanity has made it to the stars.

Thus Banks appends the prefix “hyper” and banls to conventional nouns to turn them into their future counterparts. We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book.

Banks, a minor character in some of P. However, I did not find the Algebraist to be an easy read, the pacing is uneven and the main characters are not as well developed as in other Banks banls that I have read some of the aliens are better developed than the protagonist.

The idea of a confrontation between the different societies was interesting but it was dropped without algebrajst real resolution.

But with each day that passes a war draws closer – a war that threatens to overwhelm everything and everyone he’s ever known. The first I could almost forgive—as simply not being to my taste, the same way I don’t enjoy the silliness of Terry Pratchett. Owing to the roundness of his characters, Banks baks them engaging and interesting. Thirty or forty years from now, people will read this book and think it’s so locked in the first decade of this century.

I don’t believe I’ve ever read a novel where a creature who consists of merely a sac of gas can quip violently funny tirades. And in the wlgebraist, I enjoyed the drive Banks took me on using that engine—twice.

In the midst of this crowded galaxy our hero Fassin Taak must seek the secret of the Dwellers, but his is re Whilst the Culture hangs over all Iain M Banks writings, this is a departure to a fully realised place in time and space that lets Banks create and historically delineate another Space Opera reality, and he does this spectacularly well.


But everything they do seems to work. Asher, Neal – Prador Moon. The observation that people only do what they are told when they are afraid of the repercussions and that the repercussions do not have to be only directed at the guilty.

Not only does it lend weight to the fantastic futures he envisions, the exposition in and of itself is fascinating stuff. I had real difficulty picturing events for about half of this book. Lotsa fun, but could have been better with just a bit more work. The actual quest is a mundane journey that consists of following various Dwellers who may have information Fassin needs.

Preview — The Algebraist by Iain M. The maniac is in person a more grievously antagonistic character, but in reality is just another guy with an ungoverned fleet of weapons and the desire to use them. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

He is still able to piece together the secret from the remaining clues: But it also has a number of slow parts. Banks earlier titles were wrought with fanciful, min-blowing brain candy yet lacked a certain cerebral edge or literary finesse.