• August 14, 2019

Class: Eudicots. Order: Malpighiales. Family: Rhizophoraceae. Genus: Bruguiera . Species: B. cylindrica. Common Names: Bakau Putih. Status: Native, Common. Bakau putih. Bruguiera cylindrica. Family Rhizophoraceae Southeast Asia to Australia. Locally, in various sites. Tree up to 20 m tall with buttresses and kneed . Bruguiera cylindrica is an evergreen shrub or a tree that can grow up to 23 metres tall, though it is usually rather smaller. The bole can be up to 20 – 30cm in .

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The apical leaf in the bud is covered with a 3 cm long stipule that drops off as the former develops. Propagule develops on the parent plant: Distribution in Singapore on this wildsingapore flickr map. It is particularly common in the back mangroves. Description This is a tree of about 20 m high with cylindroca buttresses and kneed pneumatophores. It was formerly called B.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Unlike some other mangroves, it does not regenerate easily from broken off branches. Beside the generalist insects, each species of mangrove has its bruguierx associated leaf feeders and wood borers. Make your own badge here. Sungei Buloh, Apr Leaves eye-shaped cm long stiff leathery glossy, arranged opposite one another.


According to Giersen, the timber is heavy and reddish. The glossy green leaves are opposite, simple and elliptical with pointed ends.

Bakau putih (Bruguiera cylindrica) on the Shores of Singapore

They have 8 long green sepals and 8 smaller, greenish-white petals with several little bristles on the tip. It brguiera commonly used as fuel and in charcoal production.

The timber of Bruguiera cylindrica is dense, reddish and strong and is used in construction. Bruguiera malabarica Arnold Rhizophora caryophylloides Burm. Tree up to 20 m tall with buttresses and kneed pneumatophores; bark grey, smooth; leaves opposite, blades light green, thin, elliptic; stipules pale yellow or greenish. Bruguiera cylindrica Scientific classification Kingdom: The fruit germinates on the tree, producing a 15 cm long hypocotyl that is grooved and angled. Sungei Buloh Besar, Apr Sapling Flowers Fruiting branch Close up of sepals.

The roots spread out widely to provide stability in the waterlogged soil.

A Guide to the Mangroves of Singapore I. Stipules pale yellow or greenish. The crushed bark has an unusual odour which is repulsive to fish and this wood is not therefore used for fish traps.

The seed does not detach itself bruvuiera the flower stalk but germinates where it is and is known as a propagule.

Roots showing kneed pneumatophores loops protruding out of the sand Kneed roots of Bruguiera cylindrica Cylindriica parviflora branch left differs in being more delicate and flowers are smaller and more elongated than Bruguiera cylindrica.


Locally, in various sites. Grows on stiff clay behind Avicennia at the seaface; can grow on newly formed soils unsuitable to other mangroves, leaving better soils to the other species.

This is a tree of about 20 m high with short buttresses and kneed pneumatophores. Bruguiera cylindrica Linnaeus Blume [1]. Native, Naturalised and Cultivated Species. Calyx cup-shaped pale greenish or white with 8 stout, long lobes. Mangrove and wetland wildlife at Sungei Buloh Brugiiera Park.

Bruguiera cylindrica

This page was last edited on 13 Novemberat Although it usually produces abundant propagules and a tree is often festooned with many of them, the tree itself grows slowly. Bark greyish with small corky bumps lenticels.

According to the NParks Flora and Fauna website, the tree is the preferred local food plant for caterpillars of the moth Olene mendosa. Sepals on propagules bend towards stalk. Flowers per leaf angle, sepals light green and sticking out at right angles to the fruit; seed germinates in fruit, their hypocotyl up to 15 cm long, like a green or purplish cigarette and often slighly curved.