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Fundamentals Of Compressible Flow Covers This Subject In Fourteen Well Organised Chapters S. M. Yahya The Subject Of Compressible Flow Or Gas Dynamics Deals With The Thermo-Fluid Dynamic Problems Of Gases And Vapours. Fundamentals of Compressible Flow: With Aircraft and Rocket Propulsion: SI Units. Front Cover. S. M. Yahya. Wiley Eastern Fluid Mechanics And Machinery. of 17 results for Books: “S M Yahya”. Gas Tables: For Compressible Flow Calculations (Multi-Colour Edition). 1 January by S.M. Yahya.

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With Aircraft and Rocket Propulsion. In this textbook, co,pressible authors show that a few fundamental principles can provide students of mechanical and aeronautical engineering with a deep understanding of all modes of aircraft and spacecraft propulsion.

Moreover, the author has had a vast experience of teaching that gets clearly reflected throughout the book and its organised format. This is the updated edition of the yhaya that includes a supplementary chapter offering several problems on compressible flow gas dynamics.

The present text and third volume in the sequence, Aircraft Propulsion Systems Technology and Design, is aimed essentially at demonstrating how the design and behavior of propulsion systems are influenced by the aircraft Professor Yahya has designed and taught courses in Gas Dynamics, Yhaya and Power Plants for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Fundamentals of Fluic Flow: He started working with the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi in and has been working there ever since. He has also written various research publications. No eBook available Amazon.

Compressible flow by yahya

The book comprises an abundance of theory along with equations. Begins with basic definitions and formulae. Fundamentals Of Compressible Flow S.


floow ISBN This text provides a complete introduction to gas turbine and rocket propulsion for aerospace and mechanical engineers. Yahja solved and unsolved problems provided in the book ensure that the students can practice what they have learned. And numerous figures and graphs are used to support this material. Fundamentals Of Compressible Flow With Aircraft And Rocket Propulsion provides a comprehensive coverage of all the vital topics in 14 well structured chapters.

New Age International, Duringhe worked as the head of the Mechanical Engineering Department. This subject covers thermo-fluid dynamic problems and this is why this subject is one of the mandatory ones for the students of mechanical engineering at both graduate and postgraduate programs.

The topics covered in this book are energy equation, multidimensional flow, rate equations for a control volume, flow with normal shock waves, isentropic flow with variable area, methods of measurement, wave motion, flow in constant area ducts with friction, flow with oblique shock waves, and flow in constant area ducts with heat transfer.

Various practice exercises, tutorials, and examinations are provided here.

With Aircraft and Rocket Propulsion S. This second edition of Cumpsty’s self-contained introduction to the aerodynamic and thermodynamic design of modern civil and military jet engines features two engine design projects.

Fundamentals of Compressible Flow: With Aircraft and Rocket Propulsion – S. M. Yahya – Google Books

Yahya was born in Jaipur in This book covers this subject in fourteen well organised chapters in a lucid style. Discusses applications in aircraft and rocket propulsion, space flights and pumping of natural gas. The book begins with a list of basic definitions and formulae to lay a strong foundation for the students. Building on the very successful Elements of Gas Turbine Propulsion, textbook coverage has been expanded to include rocket propulsion and the material on gas dynamics has been dramatically improved.


Besides numerous research publications he is also the author of Compressible Flow. Account Options Sign in. Summary Of The BookS. Contains large number of solved and unsolved problems. Moreover, the revised edition has an additional chapter on miscellaneous problems compressibe compressible flow gas dynamics which has been cokpressible to support the tutorials, practice exercises and examinations.

Separate chapters on adiabatic flow, isentropic flow and rate compressiblw. An important aspect tahya the book is that students get access to a number of problems from the areas of mechanical engineering, chemical, aerospace, and gas.

Fundamentals of Compressible Flow

Problems have been specially chosen for students and engineers in the areas of aerospace, chemical, gas and mechanical engineering. Separate sections are included on important topics such as hot wires, laser techniques, flow measurements, wind tunnels, and gas dynamics laboratory.

The first is for a new large passenger aircraft, and the second ny a new fighter aircraft.

He has been associated with the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi since and was the head of the Department Mechanical Engineering during