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This is my collection of Telugu breathless dialogues in Telugu movies. I dont have copyrights to anyone of these. Dana Veera Soora Karna. Balakrishna Repeats Daana Veera Soora Karna Dialogue in Flight. Dialogues And Songs Part – 1 MP3 Song by N. T. Rama Rao from the Telugu movie Daana Veera Soora Karna. Download Dialogues And Songs Part – 1 song .

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However, one can still see his daughters on the screen for a moment. Dharmaraja asks him to select any one of them as his equivalent to complete the war.

Daana Veera Soora Karna – Wikipedia

After much mulling over and asking around, they finally zeroed in on Kondaveeti Venkatakavi to write the script and dialogues for the film. Harikrishna and Balakrishna also painted the sets along with the art department personnel. Movie is not only Classic. I appreciated He lifted different departments apart from acting. So, NTR took close-ups while the paintings were done and long shots once it was completed, in order to save time. Some people even say that the title of the movie could actually have been Maanadhana Veera Suyodhana — such is the importance and characterization of Suyodhana.

Karna accuses Dronacharya of this act and challenges that he will be the competitor for Arjuna forever. Dronacharya plans for Padmavyuha when Arjuna is away from the war field because except him, no one can destroy it. Krishna divides his entire force into two, he being on one side and his entire Yadavas army on other side and asked Arjuna to choose between.


The scene of Indra meeting Kanra asking him his Kavacha Kundalas is also a famous scene in the movie. He uses Nagastram on Arjuna, but Lord Krishna protects him. At that time, he was the principal of a Sanskrit college. Lava Kusa is the only other movie with re-run value of three releases. Due dialoguex this blood of Karna flowing, it reaches Parasurama and he wakes up. Prabhakar Reddy as Dharma Raju P.

Parasurama recognizes him as a Kshatriya and curses him that he will be incapable of using his arms and weapons in need. Emantivi Emantivi dialogue right now also kana goosebumps very emotional.

Famous Dialogue From Daana Veera Soora Karna || NTR , Sharada , Saroja Devi –

The distributors invested ten thousand per area and got a one scope print per district from Gemini Labs. Next morning when Karna is returning after offering prayers to the Sun God, Krishna sends Kunti to request Karna to come and join the Pandavas or else take an oath that he should not kill any of them.

Rama Rao saves his pride, by making him king of Anga. This is the th film for N. With this film, KVK got a lot of names. On the same day, he clapped the muhurta shot for this film.

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Kunti also arrives on the battlefield and reveals the birth kadna of Karna to the whole world. She had a lot of doubts before agreeing to do the role.

Next day Selya Mukkamalathe maternal uncle of the Pandavas is appointed as the charioteer of Karna who demoralizes him during the war as per the instructions of Krishna. Duryodhana acting is benchmark never do such performance.


Most of all, she was nervous to work with NTR as she was aware of his strictness. Dialogues of the film became very popular. He then concludes that she is behind all this and vows to avenge the insult in the presence of his brothers, Karna and Shakuni Dhulipala. The film ran for days in 9 centers and days in Hyderabad Shanti Theatre. Because it is difficult to defeat him, Duryodhana asks Karna to destroy his bow which is against the war principle.

Rama Rao, the fifth film for both Balakrishna and Harikrishna, and the third film under the Ramakrishna Cine Studios banner. It is regarded as one of the greatest films of Telugu Film Indusrty. Many films were based on the Mahabharata in Telugu; the difference between those films and this one is the characterization of Duryodhana.

Actually, her re-entry into the films in her second innings was with the NTR’s Chandashasanudu.

Due to the provocations of the Dixlogues, he comes out of the lake. Its running time is 4 hrs 17 minutes. Karna blames Kunti for her deeds as a result of which heavy destruction is taking place.

Duryodhana selects Bheema Satyanarayana. Because as Actor no compromise he was best choice for any director.