• June 30, 2019

Dumog – Filipino Wrestling Martial Arts. Dumog is a Filipino style of stand-up wrestling. It also refers to the grappling techniques used by many. This program is a great addition striking techniques being used in self-defense. Mano-mano is an empty hands system taught in the Kombatan. Reviewed by Roberto Pedreira. Dumog is the “art of moving a body from point A to point B”, Paul Vunak explains. The techniques of Dumog are few, and simple.

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Vu has apparently taken acting lessons and gotten his hair styled and seems to be going for the Tinseltown look. This bark of a tree is freshly cut with the juice still fresh became the useful medicinal liquid that will help to harden the hand.

Retrieved from ” https: Be careful of your face, because his forehead is probably going to smash it.

According to him, you jerk the man’s face into your headbutt. Instead look for a way to strike that will cause pain and shock first and then find away to get out of his grip.

Dumog Filipino Wrestling by Paul Vunak

This is the most difficult part during the Dumog. I don’t know if there is a connection or not, but on “Head Butts, Knees, and Elbows” tape 3 in the JKD Streetfighting seriesVu concludes the tape with footage of him beating the hell out of various fruits and vegetables. Here it seems that Vu is teaching you to do something because he likes doing it, because he is good at doing it, or because he is pretty sure you don’t techniqued know it, rather than because it is the best thing to do.

All articles lacking reliable references Articles lacking reliable references from November This is done in the middle of the day where the Sun is drying the sand to be very hot. That makes the river the controlling point When you choke the river, you choke the tributaries.

Agaw Patid Bunois the more commonly known form of Dumog. The Dumog techniques are similar to Menang kabaw.

Ricardo Liborio showed it to me during one of his visits to Tokyo. He will probably stumble off balance with his legs crossed, and you will have a perfect opportunity for a beautiful double, or a nice clinch from which to apply an uki waza into a mount, or, if this happens to be your gig, you could land some uncontested leg kicks.


If you can maneuver the attacker off balance, his advantage will be neutralized. Musang Dumog is a ground fighting art, utilizing locks, chokes and strikes to submit opponents on the ground.

The purpose is to penetrate the sand by using the thrust to go deeper and deeper. The Martial Arts Portal. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

If it sounds unrealistic, try it. Then the action takes couple of minutes sometimes little longer, depends on the skill of the Dumoguero. It is a half-way low fighting silat and ground fighting silat with the purpose of rushing towards the enemy by using the head and the whole body to smash the opponent pushing into the solid wall or foot of a tree until he collapse and falls to the ground. Working towards the head for control. Of course, you have to get the grips first.

The elbow is brought high above the head and with vigorous force, the elbow together with the body is trapped into the sandy portion and is being repeated by using the left and right elbow. Vu does it with his knuckles instead, hoping to take out the nerve. But what if one of my arms is caught and I can’t use it? It certainly demonstrates that these techniques can be devastating against food. The thrusting of the hand is continuous until the feeling of numbness is attained.

The e lbow hardening This is a special training which is done only on the beach. Discard what is useless For example, a street fight may take place in rain or snow; it may happen on a flat or hilly surface, or even on a stairway.

The arm techniques are not mysterious. The word D umog is most commonly used in Mindanao and the Visayas, while the word B uno is used in Luzon, specifically in the Southern Tagalog-speaking provinces as far south as Mindoro.


A choke point is a military term meaning “controlling area”. Since the Philippines was one of the major archipelagos of the Indonisus Continent that once belong to the Sri-Vijaya Empire and the Majapahit Empire, the presence of the technical elements related to the fighting arts were noticeable.

For example, if five water tributaries feed into one major river, it follows that whoever controls the river, controls the tributaries.

Traditionally opponents would engage by holding a belt or encircling each other’s waist and attempt to throw and unbalance each other. Immediately after the low tide, the Dumoguero goes into the shoreline and find a suitable place for him to practice.

Grappling in Eskrima – The Basic Principles of Dumog – FMA Pulse

However, what we see him doing is the opposite, Vu jerking the man’s forehead into his own face. The second principle is to get your balance and maintain it. Revised November 1, Dumog Techniques As A Sport.

eumog Dumog techniques are considered as a natural sport and a natural ground combat fighting art. Views Read Edit View history. It takes on many shapes, characteristics and conditions.

Grappling in Eskrima – The Basic Principles of Dumog

You must sense, or anticipate, the moment when your opponent will plant his foot to regain the balance that was lost during the biceps push. Above, Igor and Alon demonstrate the dumog head twist positions. Liborio swears by it. However, it has to be said that seeing everything done from many angles and entries aids comprehension and Vu is entertaining to listen to, in a whacky sort of way. Dumog Tactics of Defense. Dumog is the Filipino style of wrestling while standing upright and refers to the grappling aspect of Filipino martial arts.

Particularly if you have practiced a couple of techniques that will work to free yourself from the attacker, it is also important to strike effectively before tcehniques pressure from the lock or hold causes extreme pain or unconsciousness.