• July 2, 2019

Khan: Empire of Silver: A Novel of the Khan Empire and millions of other books are . Conqueror: A Novel of Kublai Khan (The Khan Dynasty) by Conn Iggulden . From the author of the bestselling The Dangerous Book for Boys The Great Khan is dead—and his vast empire, forged through raw courage, tactical. Iggulden’s smashing fourth installment to his Mongol series (Genghis: Bones of the Hills, etc.) picks up after Genghis’s death as his three sons.

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Khan: Empire of Silver

This was my first time reading the 4th book. Anyway, I’ve read the first 3 books twice now. Not quite the same level as the earlier three books but still a very good historical adventure story. Swap it for free. Helpless without their ships, they must find some refuge in that hostile country and begin the laborious work of making the vessels seaworthy again.

From there, Iggulden takes us on a roaring ride—all battles, military strategy, and new weapons including proto-cannons —lots of blood, death, and unimaginable destruction.

Empire of Silver (novel) – Wikipedia

The strong right arm of Genghis and Ogedai, he was the military power behind the throne. Batu, Baidur and Mongke seem the most promising. In spite of, or perhaps because of, an illness he keeps hidden Ogedai rules with clear sighted vision and plans for an empire igguldne will last for centuries.

The most fascinating part for me was the Mongol invasion of Europe under the great conn Tsubodai. HarperCollins Publishers Limited Availability: The battles themselves there are famous, and should events iggudlen turned out differently, the Mongol tumans would no doubt have siilver sea to sea and claimed the entirety of Europe, altering our history forever. I like a bit of equestrian and archery action – especially, it turns out, when it involves the smelly, rapacious, bandy-legged, silvsr Mongols.

The empire has expanded and has had to change or adapt to new rules and challenges which makes you realize from the characters perspective, that how the ‘good ol days’ where much simpler times which leaves you with this profound nostalgia.


His dream of a united kingdom of all England will stand or fall on one field – on the passage of a single day. I thought that the politics that came in igguldej this book in choosing the new khan was thrilling and it looks as though we will be going through that all over again in the final installment. It would have been interesting to know how everybody had reached their current state and the price paid for success or failure but while I will go back and read those other novels at some point this one works perfectly well as a stand alone read.

This was the more action packed part of the book. The story concentrates on that transitional period between Genghis and Kublai as the remaining brothers, sons and grandsons fight and connive for the succession.

There are events that took place during his reign that truly did shape the world, such as, the invasion of Russia. In this book, Genghis has previously died and the leadership of the nation is up for grabs. So we get some decent set piece battles this book, but not as many as in the previous books with Iggulden leaving out some pretty major historical battles in favour of showing how the Mongols spread their cultural and economic influence out from their new Empirre.

As one brother awaits his fate, another awaits his moment to seize power, while spies and assassins play out the ambitions and destinies of their masters.

It iggudlen precious time, that we really don’t have these days. Surely there uggulden another book coming about Kublai Khan, the grandson of Ghengis. However, it is just not up to the standard of the smpire three in this series. But Ogedai has mysteriously delayed his coronation ceremony to complete a fantastic project many deem a folly: Sharon Kay Penman Narrated by: It helped me to look favourably on the book when I discovered the parts that seemed made up for the sake of a good story were actual truths.


This is truly a book that beats Bernard Cornwell at his own game. Young Nicholas Hook is dogged by a curse, haunted by what he has ekpire to do and banished for what he has done. Ogedai is the new Khan, but only If I had read this book as a standalone, without its three predecessors, I think that I may have awarded it five stars. The first five chapters of this was really difficult for me, as they threw so many names at me so fast. May 06, Mark Harrison rated it liked it. Other books in the series.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The silvre starts with the actual history, but then creates a fiction to fill in the blanks. I can t wait for the fifth part to be translated and to grab it and finish this great, bloody journey through the Asian steppes and eastern Europe.

Empire of Silver

I simply love Conn Iggulden’s writing! This is the fourth book in the Conqueror series by Conn Iggulden.

It would have been interesting to know how everybody empige reached their current state and the price paid for success or failure but while I will go back and read those other novels at som Would I have bothered to start reading this book if I had realised it was book 4 of a series? Now on to book 5! Decent addition to the Khan series dealing with the aftermath of Genghis’ death. Only the death of a single man, resulting in the continuing struggle for an empire, saved Western Europe from utter destruction; according to Iggulden.