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This is nice, but it would be nice to know how far you have progressed on a new game. Either regular updates, or more regular comics like this. I’m really upset Grow Cube Omega is not available in brazilian territory. I enjoy to play Grow games for a very long time and I really would like. comic Archives. April 19, GROW COMIC #1. happy new year Continue reading» GROW COMIC #2. Continue reading». Posted by ON on July

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Oh wow this is art man.

While in his girlfriend’s dorm, Jon runs into, and interacts with, a bevy of expanding beauties. Posted by Joao November 20, 6: Section exempt as no actual human beings involved. But the more he tries to control the chaos that ensues, the more they all lose control.

Been a fan for over a decade, thanks! Posted by Aline September 3, 2: She would do anything to make him happy. Posted by 3DMan October 27, 3: Posted by egorBoralex September 29, 7: Love those two playing chess in the corner haha. I wonder what’s your plans for the future.


Milking the Plot

I could watch this for hours. Posted by joseph October 24, 5: Use of this website requires that you agree to the Terms of Use. Posted by bons77 November 12, 3: Posted by Liz 0 August 26, 8: To the Professors’ shock — and delight — they, too, are drawn into Carl’s sexual adventures, their bodies surprisingly expanding in ways they never thought possible!

Desires gone wild beyond control. Posted by Anonymous February 1, 8: This is nice, but it would be nice to know how far you have progressed on a new game.

BustArtist’s BA Studios Inc. | Adult Breast Expansion and Giantess Comics and Stories

Posted by Comlc August 26, Buena animacion al final fue muy buendo encerio. This website is 18 U. This is simply genius. White creature trying to take a pink ball.

GROW COMIC #6 (EYEZMAZE –Original game site–)

The longer I watchedthe more I love what is going on here and how everything goes round while you hadn’t even noticed before. Posted by Lucas pbl September 6, 6: Posted by chloe September 5, Posted by Joe January 6, Posted by Xubo July 2, 4: Jack is torn between the love of his girlfriend and gd0w love of giantesses.


A husband and wife who test its effects. Supreme Court ruling governing erotic comics. All imagery is drawn and no photographs of real people are used. All products are downloadble PDF files.

Posted by jason October 24, 7: Onky trying to take a pink ball. Either regular updates, or more regular comics like this would be most appreciated.

Comments 29 newest at top sir bean bean:. My favorite character is the guy with a yellow upper half and purple lower half who flaps his arms as he gets thrown out of the fight, as if he’s trying to fly. Hi there from Canada!