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Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Fans of Hollywood-style blood-and- guts sci-fi as Gust Front, Second Edition (Legacy of the Aldenata Book 2) by [ Ringo. Audible Sample . Now with all new content by John Ringo! The aliens had. Gust Front has ratings and reviews. Mr. Matt said: After an interlude of several years, the crisis is finally here, on Earth. The Polseen are i. Fans of Hollywood-style blood-and-guts sci-fi as exemplified in the film Independence Day will enjoy this sequel to A Hymn Before Battle (). Ringo’s army.

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University of Wisconsin University Bookstore. I’ve never been there, and may never go there. And Ringo tends to do so sparingly.

Gust Front

Cront unfortunate downside to this level of detail is that the reader ends up suffering from information overload. Political, military and scientific blundering had left the Terran forces in shambles — and with the Posleen invasion only months away, these shell-shocked survivors might be the only people capable of saving the Earth from devastation.

Jan 22, Dan rated it it was amazing Shelves: That being the case, I thought he did a good [decent] job with the characters he described. Dingo 09, Nathaniel rated it liked it Shelves: And his scene involving an Iranian National Guard officer contemplating the coming battle, can be misconstrued as a wee bit insulting, but only if English were not your native, or first language.

I pegged it for 70s or 80s with all racist and misogynistic slurs and comments filled with casual cruelty. Go to Cart Keep Shopping. Copyright Reed Business Information, Inc. Fans of Hollywood-style blood-and-guts sci-fi as exemplified in the film Independence Day will enjoy this sequel to A Hymn Before Battle If the veterans had time to lick their wounds.

Rita Longknife – Enemy in Sight. Sep 15, Mr.


Gust Front by John Ringo – Baen Books

The Sword of the South. Thank God there was a moment to catch our breath, a moment, however brief, of peace — Now, for the survivors of the Barwhon and Diess Expeditionary Forces, it was a chance to get some distance from the blood and misery of battle against the Posleen centaurs. I jotted down some points where I did notice rongo, is all. Mar 02, Jim rated it really liked it. The writing was engaging… The enemies are ruthless but interesting… The good guys are tough and intelligent… The federation races are well-drawn and compelling in their hidden nefariousness… The technology is fascinating and complements to plot…and The scope of the overall storyline is epic and a lot of fun.

Kris Longknife – Emissary. Millions of fdont, voracious aliens land on Earth to capture human cities and ojhn, use our resources and, oh yeah, eat all the people.

If the veterans had time to lick their wounds. Earth has had some time to prepare for the Posleen invasion, but it may not be enough to stop the onslaught. His characters, and this is utterly crucial, feel like real people.

Views Read Edit View history. And foremost among those armies is none other than the US Army. Some one else on goodreads commented that, if you wanted it would be possible to trace the battles step by step on a map.

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Dec 30, Chip Hunter rated it it was amazing. Please, log in or register. Still didn’t find any reference to any operation “Monsoon Thunder” though?? Yet, for some reason, the Terrans never think to utilize these captured warships in defense of Earth, let alone in attacking other Posleen-held planets?

The landings occur in central Africa, western Asia, southeastern Asia, and the eingo United States. Aug 29, Regina rated it really liked it. I will have to admit that John Ringo falls into the trap rinvo his friend David Weber falls into.


Gusr, I was very pleasantly surprised. But by the end, I kind of want to know how those scrappy Earthlings are going to pull it off. Account Options Sign in. And then the safety rage of 80’s, ‘professional ‘ army, smarts.

Fiction Book Review: Gust Front by John Ringo, Author Baen Books $24 (p) ISBN

I enjoyed the conversation between Lt. All in all, I loved this book, I highly recommend it, and the rest of the Posleen War series which also includes books co-written with Julie Cochran, Michael Z. While it is a series about an invasion involving five sequential waves of alien invaders, it is about how a specific family handles the invasion in the midst of a national tragedy [technically, global, but it does frknt almost exclusively on the ggust of Virginia and some surrounding areas].

I won’t nitpick my own problems with it, they’re all minor and relate to my own take on what objective reality would be in this case, the financial viability of the ACS units, even with an alien entity footing the bill, I still find it hard to accept that such a move would be financially doable, so, like I said, nitpicky and I’ll stop here Still, this novel should cement Ringo’s reputation as one of the best new practitioners of military SF.

Additionally the first pages or so of “build up” does nothing to provide a real background of what takes place later in the book and is terrible. Myself, I did not mind it so much as it helps to broaden the characters and give them more depth than they might already have had.

A Call to Arms.