• July 12, 2019

Buy Hollow Land: Israel’s Architecture of Occupation 2nd Revised edition by Eyal Weizman (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low. Architect Eyal Weizman’s study of the built environment that sustains the Hollow Land examines several key moments in the transformation of the built. Acclaimed exploration of the political space created by Israel’s colonial occupation This new edition of the classic work on the politics of.

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This is an intellectual masterpiece.

An incredibly important and well-researched investigation of Israeli architecture and urban planning. Weizman folds in thinking about modern Israeli history, military intelligence and architecture to paint a profound, wide ranging picture of how Israel has rendered Palestinian space as permanently plastic, always in the process of being unsettled and shifted, and more importantly he shows how this transformation of space is not holow an academic curiosity but is in many ways the material center of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, who has space, who doesn’t, how is it manipulated and permanently shifted to accommodate government aims to both quell conflict and to make conflict itself irresolvable.

An unrelenting and confronting dissection of the multiple parallel spatial tactics Israel inflict upon the Palestinians.

While not written as a history, this gives you an incredible depth and breadth of view into the situation. There is so much here that makes you think about space and its connection to power and politics and war, but I personally am almost afraid to use it, as the situation it describes is unparalleled.

Nov 24, Jeremy rated it it was amazing Shelves: But they are also strategic spots in the topography of a region, meaning that they offer stepping-stones to control much larger swaths of land. The topic is very interesting to begin with and the writer has done extensive research in order to be able to compile this information.


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Hollow Land and the Politics of ‘Archupation’

This is one of the best books I have read in many aspects. Weizman has a very clear opinion, but he does a ver This is an excellent and incredibly in depth view of how architecture integrates with Israel’s occupation of Palestine. All this in a manner and writing style that is simple, clear, and to the point without over complicating issu This is one of the best books I have read in many aspects.

I holpow fascinated by the idea of elastic geographies, the way that borders and boundaries shift and change, the way that inside and outside are blurred. If war and peace are indistinguishable, then so are security threats and lwnd settlements A complex array of actors are all making this space—though the military is clearly the most powerful—but it also involves militants, planners, NGOs, international actors, etc. Don’t hope to get an unbiased view from this book.

Interweb Motley 11 Territorial Masquerades Comments are closed.

Informative, well written, substantiated, and with concrete proposals. I then asked him, if so, why does he not read Derrida and deconstruction instead?

A mind altering, opinion changing book that makes exceedingly clear why there has not and probably cannot be a peaceful solution to the endless problem of Palestine.

Hollow Land: Israel’s Architecture of Occupation by Eyal Weizman

No trivia or quizzes yet. Simply in light of my own work I thought that the introduction was one of the most compelling parts of the book. The book holloe the materiality of domination and resistance–built into, below, and above the geography. This book is an investigation of the transformation of the Occupied Palestinian Territories since Israel’s Architecture of Occupation by Eyal Weizman.


Even where he emphasizes the ways in which Jewish settlers followed their own logics to counterproductive results at times and stated outright that Ariel Sharon didn’t mastermind the settlement process, the rest of the chapter and perhaps the book seems to prove that his finger was literally in every pie. We can read, weimzan we know as well how to build and destroy, and sometimes kill. A relentlessly fascinating look at how the Isreali military, Isreali settlers, and other actors have used space to occupy, control, and structure Palestine over the last 50 years.

Hollow Land: Israel’s Architecture of Occupation

Sep 28, Rory Hyde rated it it was amazing. Been reading this book on and off for some 3 years or so you weizmaj, that kind of A Thousand Plateaus kind of thing and it was only in the wake of recent events that I decided to read it start-to-end. View all 19 comments. The government offers the inevitable reroutings of the wall to claim its temporariness—Weizman again employs the concept of elasticity. In he set up the research agency Forensic Architecture FA.

This is particularly true for the way in which settlements battled for the hilltops, both for military-strategic reasons as anchor points but also because of their role in religious- and place-based kinds of myth-making about belonging.