• August 13, 2019

The iManager U inherits all the functions of the original T, N BMS, and DMS systems, and manages Huawei transport, IP, and access equipment. OBN iManager N BMS Introduction ISSUE CJH, CJH, iManager N BMS Advanced Operation and CJL, CJL, iManager N BMS Operation Training (MSAN),

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The LCT provides the user with single-layer management network solutions to the transmission network of up to five NEs to realise integrated management of multi-service transmission network. Equipment set facilitates the user authority management on equipment in the management domain of the NMS. They provide high-speed Internet access service, video service, and ATM and IP private line services for business users, enterprises, cyber cafes, and common users. This does not include an inability due to preventive maintenance, lack of external resources, or planned actions.

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It provides high-end nn2000 to large-scale networks and low-cost solutions to small and medium-scale networks. The report subsystem not only supports the manual and periodical generation of reports, but also is perfect in distributing reports.

Figure shows the networking diagram. For example, click OK.

The data is saved to the database of the U and to the database of the NE. It can detect network faults or degradation in a timely manner and report endto- end SLA data of the network. The U supports the ability to synchronize NE alarm.

This prevents others from performing operations illegitimately.


This greatly reduces the operation and maintenance investment of large-scale networks. This reduces costs of deployment commissioning and maintenance of products.

In the U, the protection subnet is a generalized concept that includes not only the network structure with the comprehensive self-protection function, such as an MSP ring and a PP ring, but also the network structure without jmanager self-protection function, such as an unprotected ring and an unprotected chain.

Product Information and Downloads

Through trail function management, you can configure end-to-end services, view graphic interface and visual routes of a trail, query detailed information of a trail, filter, search and locate a bmss quickly, manage and maintain trails in a centralised manner, manage alarms and performance data by trail, and print a trail report.

Service deployment is used to make services take effect on devices. If some operation authorities n2000 one equipment set are assigned to a user user groupthese operation authorities over all equipment of the equipment set are assigned to the user user group.

You can lmanager NE fan speed mode and speed level. The U has revolutionized the layer-based management mode to meet the management requirements in the transition from the existing vertical network to the flattened horizontal network.

The function point policies are as follows: Link The link is responsible to transmit the data from one station to next neighbour station correctly. When the spectrum analyzer unit detects that the sum of each wavelength power greatly differs from the standard power of the corresponding wavelength count, an exceptional event is reported to the U Subnet number Subnetwork number is used to differentiate the different network sections in the sub-network conference.


QoS Configuration Quality of service QoS indicates the performance of the data flow that travels through a network. Newer Post Older Post Home. To perform end-to-end network management, you need to have the related license.

Networkwide clock synchronisation status query3. The equivalent coefficient refers to the ratio of the resources used by physical NEs or n2000 to the resources used by equivalent NEs. U hms automatically perform the tasks and can also suspend and resume tasks. The link attenuation adjustment mode is also referred to as the gain mode, which compares the difference between the line attenuation and the amplifier gain, and also compares the node gain compensation offset.

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The optical power, however, may be greatly different between each channel, especially for the newly added wavelength channels. If the U and its bks IP devices are far from each other, you can use the private line mode.

Static Route Management Configuration The U supports the function of configuring the static route management. If you enable alarm suppression, the NE does not report an alarm. You can back up the data on the GUI of U The color LCD display and backlight design makes testing work more comfortable and convenient, whether during daylight or at night.