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Mitral valve regurgitation, also known as mitral valve insufficiency or mitral valve incompetence, is a valvulopathy that describes leaking of the mitral valve during . Insufisiensi Mitrai. Insufisiensi mitral dapat disebabkan oleh deformitas daun- daun katup, deformitas anulus mitral, atau gangguan pada khorda tendinae dan . Mitral regurgitation (MR), Mitral insufficiency or mitral incompetence is a disorder of the heart in which the mitral valve does not close properly when the heart.

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Also, it may detect a dilated left atrium and ventricle and decreased left ventricular function.

The dilated left mjtral causes an increase in the wall stress of the cardiac chamber as well. Total 23 31 Symptoms of entry into a decompensated phase may include fatigue, shortness of breath particularly on exertion, and leg swelling.

The symptoms associated with MR are dependent on which phase of the disease process the individual is in. In allsubjects an attempt was made January I to December Double outlet right ventricle Taussig—Bing syndrome Transposition of the great vessels dextro levo Mihral truncus arteriosus Aortopulmonary window. In acute cases, the murmur and tachycardia may be the only distinctive signs. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Mitral insufficiency – Wikipedia

In the acute setting, the stroke volume of the left ventricle is increased increased ejection fraction ; this happens because of more complete emptying of the heart. Accelerated idioventricular rhythm Catecholaminergic polymorphic Torsades de pointes.


If the individual with acute MR is normotensive, vasodilators may be of use to decrease the afterload seen by the left ventricle and thereby decrease the regurgitant fraction. Skipper; Tommy Fudge; George V. In the artificial chordae approach, ePTFE expanded polytetrafluoroethylene, or Gore-Tex sutures are used to replace the broken or stretched chordae jnsufisiensi, bringing the natural tissue back into the physiological position, thus restoring the natural anatomy of the valve.

This causes a dilatation of the mitral valve annulus, which may worsen the degree of MI.

Mitral insufficiency

All tests were performed in an air-conditioned laboratory at C and 50 percent relative humidity. In chronic mitral regurgitation, vasodilators are used to decrease afterload, e. Lea and Febiger ; The vasodilator most commonly used is nitroprusside. Thank you for updating your details. Most of lhe patients Cardiomegaly, as deternrined by chest x-ray, was studied were relatively thin, had the same posture with found in 12 out of 17 boys Miyral of 3l girls studied based on age group and stage of endurance time rheumatic mitral regurgitation.

Bradycardia Sinus bradycardia Sick sinus syndrome Heart block: Cases with a late systolic regurgitant murmur may still be associated with significant hemodynamic consequences. Am J Cardiol ; Philadel- Indones t; In acute mitral regurgitation, radiographic signs of left atrial enlargement are often absent 5. Percutaneous repair or surgery for mitral regurgitation.


Maxi- mal exercise stress testing in evaluation of arrythmias in Table The efficiency of tread- Riopel who correlated faster heart rate with the in- mill exercise testing is said to be roughly equal in creased serum cathecholamines after exercise. P mitrale, Atrial fibrillationleft ventricular hypertrophy.

Such elongation prevents the valve leaflets from fully coming together when the valve closes, causing the valve leaflets to prolapse into the left atrium, thereby causing MI.

The left ventricle begins to dilate during this phase. MR and mitral valve prolapse are also common in Ehlers—Danlos syndromes. This page was last edited on 19 Septemberat Futhermore most of the patients, The distributions of 17 boys and 31 girls based on age especially those with lower endurance time, had faster group and stage of endurance time are shown on Tables heart rate at 5 minutes after exercise than the resting 2 and 3.

The regurgitant volume causes a volume overload and a pressure overload of the left atrium and the left ventricle. It means that exercise restriction should be advised for rheumatic mitral Endurance time Age group year Total regurgitation patients with cardiomegaly.

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