• August 27, 2019

„Član 7. Krivično zakonodavstvo Republike Srbije važi za svakog ko u inostranstvu Iako je Krivični zakonik u velikoj meri usaglašen sa standardima i aktima. tužilac i drugi učesnici u krivičnom postupku predvi eni ovim zakonom, kada Republike Srpske (u daljem tekstu: Krivični zakon) i drugi zakoni u kojima su. Krivični zakonik RS. Sl. glasnik RS. br. 64/ Zakon o krivičnom postupku. Sl. glasnik RS. br. 53/ Izmjene i dopune. Sl. glasnik RS. br. 91/ Izmjene.

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Zakon o oružju i municiji

Zakon o socijalnoj zastiti – Adoption: Zakon o izmjenama i dopunama zakona o zdravstvenoj zastiti – Adoption: Act of 2 July to amend and supplement the Act on consumer protection. Defines general directions for the development of vocational training by identifying the role of the Ministry of Education and educational institutions. Zakon o azilu – Adoption: Contains a number of small amendments, including part 4 on prohibition measures, and article on detention.

Determines procedures of entry of foreigners, refusal of entry, invitation letter, visa issuing, extension and termination, identification certificate, certificate for applying for work, personal identity cards. Zakon i izmjenama i dopunama krivicnog zakona – Adoption: Act of 3 July on protection of persons reporting corruption Official Gazette No.

Bosnia and Herzegovina – – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance Regulations of 8 June on the means of implementation of the powers of the inspector for foreigners Text No.

Provides, inter alia, for cooperation in the field of education, health and social policy, protection of civil rights and liberties. Act of 6 June on Mining. Determines conditions and procedure for entry, visa regime, travel documents, stay, leave, supervision, competence of government bodies. Zakon o dopunama zakona o prekrsajima – Adoption: Act of 19 September to supplement the Penal Code.

Act of 21 December on protection against noise.

Contains general provisions concerning the Brcko District, including fundamental principles, name and seat, flag and coat of arms, seal and oath, legal personality, alphabets and languages, military forces. Determines establishment, organization, powers, duties, composition and activities of the Special Department in federal prosecutor’s office, and in the Federal Supreme Court on prevention of corruption and organized crime.

Specifies relevant documents and certificates. The Code regulates the conclusion and termination of employment contracts, working time, wages, the rights and obligations arising from employment, conclusion of collective agreements, the peaceful settlement of collective labor disputes and other issues arising from employment.


Tužilaštvo Bosne i Hercegovine

Act of 20 July to amend the Act on bankruptcy procedure Text No. Bosnia and Herzegovina – – Constitution.

Contains definitions, institutions and their responsibilities, detention procedures and conditions, rights and health protection, work and conditions of work for detained persons, prison sentences. Bosnia and Herzegovina – – Law, Act Act of 17 September to amend and supplement the Act on professional rehabilitation and employment of disabled persons.

Krivično pravo

Act of 26 January on the hotel and restaurant sector. Bosnia and Herzegovina – – Law, Act Act of 28 November to amend and supplement the Act on protection against domestic violence. Act of 19 September to amend and supplement the Act on pension and disability insurance.

Act of 4 April to amend and supplement the Act on civil servants. Contains provisions on health insurance, occupational diseases and accidents, maternity benefits, as well as disability, old age, death and unemployment benefits. Statutes of the Federal Employment Agency of 29 December Zakon o izmjenama i dopuna Zakona o kaznenom postupku – Adoption: Contains provisions on execution of sentences, prison sentence, penal procedures, security measures, punishment for juvenile offenders, and the organization and work of institutions implementing penal sanctions.

Zakon izmjenama i dopunama zakona o agenciji za rad i zaposljavanje Bosne i Hercegovine Adoption: Determines basic rights of consumers of goods and services, protection of safety of life and health of consumers, responsibility and guarantee for goods and services, services of general economic interests, penal provisions and supervision and other relevant questions.

Contains provisions on participation in a strike, decision on strike organisation, strike announcement, strike council, employees’ liability, salary deduction and strike termination. Contains a number of minor amendments, inter alia, articles 27 and 28 on workings of the Agency for higher education, and articles 90 and on employment of university lecturers.

Act of 27 April to amend and supplement the Act on the application of penal sanctions, detention and other measures Text No. Amends inter alia article 17 on registration criteria, articles 19, 21 and 26 on electronic application for registration of activity, article 35 on register of entrepreneurs, and article 55 on fines.

Zakon o zastiti od buke – Adoption: Amends several provisions relating, inter alia, to unemployed persons and employment seekers. Act of 6 October to amend and supplement the Act on employment of foreign citizens and persons without nationality Text No. Act of 21 October on economic societies. Bosnia and Herzegovina – – Law, Act Act of 23 December to amend and supplement the Act on pension and disability insurance. Bosnia and Herzegovina – – Law, Act Act of 23 December on war veterans, war disabled and members of families of soldiers killed in the war to defend the homeland.


Establishes status and function of the Council, its governing body, work procedures and financing. Defines and regulates copyrights in the fields of literature, arts and sciences, content of copyright and other rights of author, limits on author’s rights, relation between author and property rights, contract law, special provisions for different types of copyrights.

Zakon o zaposljavanju stranaca – Adoption: Amends article 7 on freedom of movement, article 17 on travel documents, articles 25 and 26 on rejection of entry, articles 27, 30, 31, 32, 40 and 41 on visa requirements, articles 51 and 57 on temporary stay, article 59 on permanent stay, articles 62 and 65 on procedures, article 85 on the right of foreigners to work, articles 99, and on supervision, articlesand on refugee status, articlesand on database, and article on infractions.

Contains provisions on legal assistance, competence of judges, prosecution, defense, burder of proof, deadlines, decision-making, implementation, expenses of legal procedures, witnesses, investigation, trial, special procedures.

Act of 25 November on civil servants Official Gazette No. Includes provisions on workers employed in mining and occupational health and safety. Defines conditions for employment, regulates start up and termination of business objects, categorizes services, and contains penal provisions. Zakon o izmjenama i dopunama zakona o drzavnim sluzbenicima – Adoption: Determines basic principles, organs in charge, conditions and means of obtaining rights, and financing of social protection.

Zakon o zastiti lica koja prijavljuju korupciju – Adoption: The minimum wage is to be paid in cases determined by the General Collective Agreement which is included in the Decision.

Defines rights and obligations of subjects involved in the sector, different types of activities and services, and penal provisions.