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Build It to Understand It: Ludology Meets Narratology in Game Design Space were realized, including the hotly debated question of ludology vs. narratology. LUDOLOGY MEETS NARRATOLOGY.: Similitude and differences between ( video)games and narrative. By Gonzalo Frasca. Finnish version. Ludology Meets Narratology – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Whereas in earlier centuries the world was ludoloyg of medts a stage, in the last quarter of the twentieth century it was conceived as a text woven by the narrative threads human beings read in it in their efforts to make sense of their perceptions and experiences. Actually, we could easily add the Abstention option in ludustoo: If there is still anybody waiting, it must be for Eskelinen to explain the point of this stab at narratology.

Huizinga, Johan []Homo ludens: There will only be narrative when the author decides which path of the narratolovy she will take and, therefore, a sequence is built. You may not be able to work out the answers, but in theory there must be a solution, a right procedure in any position.

As Seymour Chatman writes: The research about games and play is in a similar situation: More than a game: ,udology extensive games, the best strategies for each player can be found by rendering all possible subsequent choices in a tree-diagram in whichwhere the nodes represent the points at which one of the players has to make a choice and the branches represent the actions the player can choose from.

Bolter, Jay David Game theory does not deal with games as cultural artefacts or commodities brought into global circulation by the entertainment industries, or as platforms for exploring questions of identity and sexuality, which are all part of the cultural studies approaches to games, but neither do narratology or ludology. So, here is the part where the theories article ends and the lufology manifesto starts.


The player has more freedom to determine her goals. They give freedom to the player to decide what to do. To illustrate this point, Aarseth quotes Mary-Laure Ryan:.

Moreover, game players also know that whatever happens to their avatars in ludollgy gameworld, nothing nasty will happen to narratoloogy. According to our definition of paideamany software programs that are not videogames can enter into this category: Actually, it is perfectly possible to videotape an adventure videogame session and show it to a public as a work of narrative probably the result will not win any Oscar award, but it will still be narrative. While playing, she will accept it, in the same way she would accept a rule in a game.

Game theorists, on the other hand, are interested in all paths the players can choose. Their thematic is varied: Players and Characters Another presumed difference between narratives and games concerns the role and status of characters.

Game Studies – Narrative, Games, and Theory

In this paper we will propose to explore videogames and cybertexts as games. In this conception of a game, rules are less important than goals and strategies. Retrieved February 28, The second task was also very particular: Even if they are not identical, the similarity is obvious. In order to reconstruct the causal and chronological chain of events that constitutes a narrative narratologists distinguish between events that are necessary for the development of the story and those that can be deleted without destroying its coherence and comprehensibility.


There is not even a general agreement on what counts as a narrative e.

Build It to Understand It: Ludology Meets Narratology in Game Design Space | DiGRA

Paidea is ” Prodigality of physical or mental activity which has no ludologh useful objective, nor defined objective, and whose only reason to be is based in the pleasure experimented by the player “. Our intention is not to replace the narratologic approach, but to complement it. The Johns Hopkins University Press. The hero with a thousand faces. Some videogames can be lost, but never be wined.

Build it to understand it: Ludology meets narratology in game design space

As Edward Branigan argues: It is not a singular encompassing body of assertions about games, but it is a label for a unified mathematical methodology for modelling the situations, processes and events game theorists want to explore. Adison -Wesley Publishing Company, But this too is a merely psychological and phenomenological matter. Moreover, most game players also know that a game will come to an end, often within an already fixed time limit.

If ludus can be related to narrative plot, paidea can be related to the narrative settings. By environment we mean the space where the player is real, as in a school playground, or virtual, as in a videogame.

However, many other questions need to be answered.