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A useful and frequently-used flip-flop is the 74LS74A dual D flip-flop. Without the capacitors, the crippling sensitivity of CMOS to noise here, bad edges is easily seen, a result of the high-impedance inputs.

The first thing to do is to get a 74LS90 counting from 0 to 9, and the circuit for this is shown at the right. In this oscillator, the 10M resistor biases the inverter to the middle of its linear region output 2.

The count 23 59 will be followed by 24 60, and then dataaheet counters will be reset to 00 Chip designers have been adtasheet enough that this has proved satisfactory in most cases.

Controls that operate this way are called asynchronous. This appendix describes the level-sensitive or master-slave JK flip-flop, realized as the or the A logic high on S causes Q to go high, while a logic high on R causes Q to go low, provided E is low. This refers to the intermediate states while the action is rippling down the line, which may trigger unwanted events.

Since it is very helpful to know how they work when using them, the fundamentals of electronic counters will be presented here, and the reader is encouraged to perform the experiments, which are simple but instructive. Two LS93’s would give us modulusin the same way.


When the switch is again moved to run, the clocks will not experience an active clock edge and will not change unexpectedly. In addition to the normal modulo-N counting from 0 to N – 1, we can also count from N1 to N2, or from N1 to the maximum count. However, the changes will not be acted upon, because the masters are not enabled.

When E is high, datawheet cannot change state. All of these have active-low outputs, which is standard. A counter is a sequential logic machinesince the outputs depend on past datazheet, not simply on the current values of the inputs.

Such accuracy in a mechanical watch comes at a very great price, if it is 74hc74am at all. A similar technique can be used with synchronous counters, but there is no such rowdiness. The transformer is easy to find.

The load function is synchronous in all four counters. Note that this is not the binary sequence! Here, the digit on the right corresponds to the flip-flop on the left in the diagram. The family dtasheet adopted into the LS clan, but not into HC.

74HC74A datasheet, Pinout ,application circuits Dual D Flip-Flop With Set And Reset

The output of the minutes counter is also routed through the data selector to the hours counter. RCO then remains low until the next time 15 is reached, and so on. If we want a modulus greater than 774hc74an, we must cascade more than one counter package. At the cost of making more pushes, the problem of releasing the pushbutton at exactly the correct moment will be eliminated.


At the same time, the seconds counter is reset to 1. For the clock I have in mind, setting will proceed as follows. The 74HC logic family is functionally and pinout compatible.

It is important to get the bits in the correct order when constructing a circuit. The JK flip-flop does essentially the same thing as a D flip-flop, but is a little more flexible, since it has two inputs, called J and K, instead of only one.

74HC74AN Datasheet PDF

The two blocks are set-reset or SR flip-flops, that respond to the S and R inputs when the enable E is low. Only the first, lowest-order counter has ENT tied ddatasheet. This will be the 4 output Q3if the input is to C1 the outputs have been relabelled for the new input.

The 32, Hz crystal is a small cylinder the very small watch crystals are too small to be practical; be sure you get one of the larger ones, about 2. Check what frequencies you obtain at the other outputs. This output can be used as the clock for another counter that gives an additional divide by