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Every year, Rehana held a party at Road 5 to mark the day she had returned to Dhaka with the children. She saved her meat rations and made. A Golden Age: A Novel [Tahmima Anam] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rehana Haque, a young widow, blissfully prepares for the party . A Golden Age. Tahmima Anam [Tahmima Anam] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. As Rehana awakes one morning, she might be forgiven.

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A Golden Age

Wikipedia Rehana Haque, a widow with two young adult children lived in Bangladesh. The book started a little slow and I was wondering how committed I would be, but I was hooked by the end.

Along the way we get vivid glimpses of life in Bangladesh before the War of Independence, and of Benghal and Calcutta before Partition. It tells the story of an apolitical widow who is caught up in the Bangledesh War of Independence, and of her reluctant contributions as her son and daughter join the resistance. The novel then jumps forward and is set inin Dhaka, the year of its war of independence, when East separated from West and became Bangladesh when you look at the area on a map, they are geographically separate, with no common border, India lying between them.

There is too little history. Set against the backdrop of the Bangladesh Liberation War, Rehana Haque self-worth is predicated on the well-being of her son and daughter, whom she lost for a brief time when her husband died suddenly.

Finally, the incidents of is always a hot selling topic and no doubt Tahmima wanted to encash it.

The novel is beautifully written. Rehana turned back to the bungalow and entered the drawing room. It seems to be intended more as a universal story about families and war which happens to be set in Bangladesh, rather than a book about Bangladesh; the story is strong although there wasn’t as much sense of place as Txhmima expected.

She dipped her fingers into the rosebush, heavy with dew, and plucked a flower. Another mother left her child and fled to escape death. Q rating PG for war, torture, reports or threats of rape.


Rehana’s sisters in Karachi and sister-in-law in Lahore are, in contrast although they all grew up in Calcuttacontemptuous and racist towards Hindus. I did not know even the most solid facts of this history. She ran her palm across the flat fur taahmima the velvet sofa, the dimpled wood of the dining table.

Rehana’s children escape tamima attacks on Dhaka University due to an engagement party for Silvi. She is what she is and that is it. Both are fiercely patriotic and politically active university students, and when war breaks out both play an active role.

View all 10 comments. From the moment Sohail steps out of his home to become a guerrilla in Liberation Army to Maya’s breakdown when she hears about her best friend Sharmeen being raped and killed by Pakistani Army, A Golden Age will leave you wanting for more.

She had a blunt, tired love for her daughter. Though she was able to save her children, the protagonist Rehana couldn’t escape from the heartaches the war offered her. A Golden Age by Tahmima Anam”. Rehana’s whole adult life has centered around her children. It had started when Sohail entered the university. A Golden Age by Tahmima Anam follows the story of Haque goldeen, who reside in Bangladesh peacefully with their neighbors and other beings.

The ending left the impression that this book might be a series which it turned out to be.

She is gradually drawn into the the struggle for Bangladesh’s independence and the way it all happens is so susp Set in Bangladesh on the eve of the War of Independence with Pakistan inA Golden Age is the story of a family, Rehana Haque, her son, Sohail, and daughter Maya. In December night, fan is at full speed! It towered above the bungalow, its two whitewashed storeys overlooking the smaller house. The book is about the life of a family during a tumultuous time in which over a million of people were killed, raped and tortured.

There is the brutality of war, mostly at a distance, sometimes present and political events intrude; but there is a continuum of family life, food, neighbours, love and loss. Retrieved 22 July A Golden Age – Nevisande: Mujib was prevented from taking office by President General Yahya Khan, of West Pakistan, who along with many of his fellow Punjabis and Pathans held the Bengalis in low regard.


After 25 th, refugees came to find a shelter at the house, Shona. As for my fellow readers, If you want a fictional taste of the history of Bangladesh, A Golden Age might prove to be a good choice.

I’m glad I’m reading this in a bound version, because there are some descriptions that I’m already stopping to savor, but also because there is so much that I don’t understand. It also made me more interested in the history of the region, so perhaps there is some compelling non-fiction I could parse through.

I’m going to start right into the next book of this trilogy, The Good Muslimwhile the characters are still fresh in my mind. The plot has a personal inspiration and is the story of Rehana Haque. Bangladesh was known as East Pakistan before it’s fight for independence from Pakistan in the Bangladesh Liberation War.

We all may know about the genocide in Bangladesh, but then we don’t now the details. Rehana’s neighbors and many of the other minor characters are sharply drawn and their stories are gklden with those of Rehana and her children.

Extract: A Golden Age by Tahmima Anam | Books | The Guardian

In Rehana Anam has captured the personal conflicts and agnonies of war not reflected in the movies or books representing the heroic soldier or the vulnerable victim. Pages to import images to Wikidata. This story about the separation of Bangladesh from Pakistan takes place from very shortly before the civil war with a completely unnecessary prologue set 20 years before until the day before the anma is over.