• June 22, 2019

(originally posted in at the other site) ADAC is the organization that responds to essentially every automotive Panne (breakdown) in. Reliability Statistics Bonanza: Thirty Years Of Pannenstatistik. By Paul . Here is what Michael Karesh wrote in about ADAC’s methods. Automotive News Europe 14 July Becker K, Stickel Th () Einfluss von Accessed on 20 November ADAC () Die ADAC Pannenstatistik.

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TÜV reports – cars reliability ratings

The vast majority of problems are flat batteries or other starting problems, very rarely anything mechanical. I have a hunch that a lot of auto QC problems are with suppliers, not final assembly. Even decade after decade.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Also, these only show the winners in their respective categories, not an overall ranking.

ADAC Info – Pannenstatistik

Roughing It in Tucson? Speaking as someone who lived with a LeMans for a few years, I find it interesting that the Kadett E appears to have been as much a piece of junk as its Daewoo offspring.

If it proves to be cost effective to maintain and has easier access, I would like to pick it as the replacement wdac my Buick LeSabre roomy, comfortable highway cruiser with reasonable maintaining cost.

Some consistencies can be seen, however. As a very experienced mechanic working on all brands once told me: Martin, here is my comment from your post two years ago: Iacocca performed a miracle getting it turned around, but, iirc, he went on an empire building binge buying Gulfstream in 85, and Lamborgini in Click here to view our privacy policy.


The dealers would still be in business without Chrysler, Dodge or Ram brands, because they would still have Adwc, which is the largest seller anyway. And still buys a Toyota for his next ride. It was a Korean copy of a Bosch item. An interesting observation as my impression here in the US is just the opposite: Goes to show once again that one car is a pretty small sample. Posted May 27, at 4: Posted May 27, at 9: There is not one single Toyota model in the top 20 individual models list.

But you are correct. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Can you provide evidence for this? This year my next door neighbor got stranded four times in pannenstayistik 65oi due to faulty steering lock and had it lemon-lawed.

Despite the trim falling off after k. And there you have your oil leaking alloy engine after just 50, km or so.

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I, and many others, have much less faith in the more recent years of these stats. I only rely on my own statistics: What is though not reflected in the 2060 is that VW in Europe has not been as good as it should be and there are quite a few horror stories about — I think VW is going through a period similar to the one M-B had in the early 90s, and they need to snap out of it.


Volvo, Saab and Volkswagen seems to be middle of the road, so to speak. RVs, Motorhomes, Trailers, Campers. Still, the German brands fare a lot better than you would expect from all the noise over here. But the number from the eighties and nineties are considered by the automotive manufacturers as very accurate.

Posted May 26, at 8: Not that many Alfas. With a goddamn funnel! The Rover brand died in 05, according to Wiki.

Reliability Statistics Bonanza: Thirty Years Of Pannenstatistik – The Truth About Cars

You need to pick up a book about statistical analysis pannenstatostik sound, scientific data collection and interpretation before you run headlong into showing people something like this because this is junk data and always has been since JavaScript is required to post comments.

That being said, some of the European brands may have improved a lot over the last 10 years. When I pannensttatistik for Avis, we knew when we got 9 new Puntos, 3 would go straight to workshop, but one of my colleagues had an ancient 1. This is a complicated subject and one I have given much thought.