• June 27, 2019

Sexual attraction between a nameless narrator and his wife, Fizz, provides the through line of this sweeping epic by journalist and editor Tejpal. Written from within the skin of India, The Alchemy of Desire is a novel quite unlike any other, with a power and weight of feeling one almost never encounters in. In turn-of-the-millennium India, a penniless would-be writer halts work on his novel only to feed his ceaseless desire for his beautiful wife. Then a chance.

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Soon he is alone, surrounded by the debris of his life and great love, confronting his unwritten magnum opus and the darkness that is threatening to swamp him.

The Alchemy of Desire – Tarun J Tejpal

But during renovations of the house, a set of diaries written by the original inhabitant—a glamorous American adventuress—is unearthed, and the narrator finds himself irresistibly drawn away from his wife and thrust into another world and time, into the hole of history. He has written for a number of international publications, including the Paris Reviewthe Guardianthe Financial Times and Prospect magazine.

Everything is a little bit too much and you end up with a verbal diarrhea. Tejpal does this well enough to remind the reader of Naipaul, except that he does not always stop in time. From this initial obsession, the novel treks through the narrator’s attempts at writing different novels and his life as a journalist in Delhi, until it reaches the source of its dramatic tension on page with the discovery of a cache of diaries written by Catherine, a glamorous American adventuress and the previous owner of the house the couple have bought in a hill station.

In the first half, the novel is at its strongest when it inscribes the diurnal rhythms of the narrator’s life: It is published by Picador India and the cover price is Rs Also how he and Fiz his wife make e This is my all time favorite!


It a nice buy and is worth every penny And once you start taruh it, it’s pretty difficult to put it down. We begin the next section with their relationship in its better moments, his struggling life as a writer, their struggling for money as he finds the great novel within him, Indian history.

As his life and love fall apart, he slowly begins to uncover the dark secrets at the heart of her story, until the shocking truth is laid bare and all certainties are overturned. Obsessed with each other, they move from a small town to the big city, where the man, who dreams of being a writer, works feverishly on a novel, stopping only to feed his ceaseless desire for his beaut Set against the brilliantly drawn backdrop of India at the turn of the millennium, The Alchemy of Desire tells the story desige a young couple, penniless but gloriously in love.

The Alchemy of Desire by Tarun J. Tejpal

I mean, I’m not his publicist nor desife I even going to engage in any sort of puritanical discourse on his whole sordid business but really, just “soft porn”? The novel’s initial lines “Love is not the greatest glue between two people.

While the book has a high sexual content, I never thought that if could be considered as soft porn. Learn more about Amazon Prime. And I can say that from my personal experience of being a person who have been in and out of love quite a number of times. Discover what to read next.

It’d be a terrible shame for people to write this book off cause of some pre-conceived notions about the bloke. Just like the ancient practitioners of alchemy, he strives for an eternal cure all -a panacea- for the cravings of the human body and the soul. I looked at the first and last page before selecting it to read, because the first desite started with zlchemy like how two people are joined together with the strongest force of “sex” and the book ended with the same phrase but the word sex being replaced with ‘love’.


He sketches out the protagonist very well – and the smaller side characters are very amusing and at times touching. How one desire can be the death of another, all painted against the changing world of a new India. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

Aug 17, Carmen rated it it was ok. This is a major novel by one of the most significant new voices of his generation. There is so much wetness. The desire of the protagonist is an entity in itself, a living, breathing multi-faceted organism.

The nakedness of their love takes them to the virgin terrain of the Himalayas, where they find an abode to embody their love and passion- for each other and the written word. It forms the background score of his life, a diminuendo of submission at one time, a dominant falsetto of passion at the other.

It returns finally to the narrator and his wife, by way of the mystery of Catherine’s oof, and in doing so returns the narrator to his wife and to Very recently he has published a novel.

The Alchemy of Desire

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. It celebrates the manic spirit of a country in a time of great change; and also offers in searing, lucid prose, a deeply sensual and moving meditation on the nature of desire, history, truth and art. Aug 24, Amar rated it it was amazing Shelves: While it has much that is admirable, it also contains much that tepal repetitive and incidental.