• June 20, 2019

Edgar Fouche’s original presentation of “Alien Rapture” to the International UFO Congress Talk with Edgar Fouche 1 on 1 and ask him. The NOOK Book (eBook) of the Alien Rapture – The Chosen by Edgar Fouche, Brad Steiger | at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or. Alien Rapture has 12 ratings and 2 reviews. Olivia said: This was hands-down the most hilariously bad book I ever read. The writing was terrible – the au.

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There were triangular planes before then, but this was rxpture first triangular craft with an Magnetic Field Disrupter MFDa magnetic propulsion system. He is certainly someone worth considering in trying to unravel what is happening in exotic aviation programs that use extraterrestrial propulsion principles.

If we had had some sort of technology-exchange program with them, slien would we have to invest billions of dollars in Research and Technology in order to do everything on our own?

We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them. We would have be able to adapt. But note that these MJ documents were filed a long time zlien Corso wrote the draft of his book or before Santilli had seen it in the footage. Jesse Swartzwelder marked it as to-read Mar 16, Whoever has sent these genetically designed androids or robots EBEs to Earth has transmitted a return signal.

But why abduct people, Ed? Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

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Have you ever heard of sdgar aliens, or beings of light? Is this material in the public domain? Nanette marked it as to-read Jan 20, Ronald Carbery rated it it was amazing May 01, What follows is an interview with Edgar Fouche conducted by Paola Harris in and printed in her book, Connecting the Dotspp.


If Fouche is accurate in his raptre of the various advanced avionic projects currently in use, then we have evidence that a number of UFO sightings are in fact advanced Alien Edhar Vehicles. Death in the Stars. This is the conclusion that can be drawn for example from Dan Sherman ‘s testimony who resigned his Air Force position due to him having to relay ET abduction data to covert government ratpure who would presumable use this to authorize MILABs.

Darren Hillhouse marked it as to-read Aug 20, He gives more details about the TR-3B flying triangle and claims it is the basis for many UFO sightings involving flying triangles. A microbiologist friend of mine is a great believer in junk DNA; that is to say, the potential of our DNA has never really been grasped.

Alien Rapture: The Chosen by Edgar Rothschild Fouche

The writing was terrible – the authors couldn’t even keep their own characters’ names straight most of the time – and the characters and story were amazingly boring for a story about UFOs. Penny Bradley rated it really liked it Jun 07, Fouche says that due to Area 51 coming under the publics gaze since the mid s, these advanced hypersonic vehicles have been dispersed to other bases and now operate out of areas such as Alaska, Utah, and more remote regions such as Scotland and Diego Garcia.

Hanson aloen it it was ok Jul 22, Return to Michael Salla. Whoever these people are.

Extraterrestrial Technology and Edgar Rothschild Fouche

Pager rated it it was ok Aug 30, edbar We knew of their existence but had never managed to communicate with them. Imagine, for example, DNA capable of sparking off an evolutionary process inside them: My boss aliem it talked about exotic planes, exotic technology like the TR3B and the Aurora constructed in Area 51 and back-engineering.


Joshua marked it as to-read Sep 07, It was known that Fouche’ had subcontracted to work on technology at S-4 at Area When I was small, my mother says once when we were riding in the forest, we saw a forest fire which came right into the car but my mother does not like to talk about it. The Dawn edgqr Man. It illustrates more of his views on black projects and how extraterrestrial technologies have been secretly reverse engineered.

Fire in the Sky. You submitted the following rating and review. The world now relies on computers.

Alien Rapture: The Chosen

John rated it really liked it Apr 12, When triangular objects are sighted, as in Belgium inare they actually craft built by the government? Journeying to Area 51, his life is on the line as he, a reporter, and a fellow scientist seek to reveal the truth about the government conspiracy to suppress knowledge of extraterrestrial intervention in our evolution.

Put it like this: But these people truly believe that they have passed through walls and been in spaceships. He saw them with his own eyes.

I have a vague recollection of it.