• June 27, 2019

You might want to check out Tomekeeper’s upcoming book “Ars Falcis” as a good overview of working with death and death magic; his site kept. Ars Falcis. 4 likes. Book. Ars Falcis. Privacy ยท Terms. About. Ars Falcis. Book. 4 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for Facebook to get started . Ars Falcis is a site about necromancy. No, not raising dead corpses and zombies, but the manipulation of energies that bring about death and.

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You might want to check out Tomekeeper’s upcoming book “Ars Falcis” as a good overview of working with death and death magic; his site kept getting taken down, so look for Ars Falcis on the Internet Wayback Machine.

I hope that, if anyone is interested in this subject, my summation of what I have found falcia useful. The issue that I take with it is that this “lich form” is by no means limited to necromancers, and therefore Tomekeeper carries over the tradition of TLoK by confusing absolutely fucking everybody that reads it with altered terminologies that exist nowhere else. But then, people change their views with experience, so perhaps he’s focused on different things now; or perhaps he was merely writing about theoretical extremes; or Added to the list, along with Coleman!

What comes to mind immediately is a fellow by the name of Van Gennep. Submit a new link. It seems like the author put quite a bit of research, thought, and work into these Fzlcis on your recommendation and from the description, I just ordered that and Night’s Black Agents.

Theory of attaining ” Lich ” State.

Any recommendations for further reading are greatly appreciated. More than that, it was just that all the sections had really wild claims, written as seeming certainties I use “calling the lightning” as an example, above — it made it sound, to me, like the author was trying to say he’d witnessed such things, but if so, he’s one of very, very few.


And that’s about it, as far as works I have found on this subject. I say “might”, because — as mentioned above — this book seems pretty fluffy. Nothing will be done without the customers consent.

The frozen touch of death is faocis power beyond simple human comprehension — so vast that a lifetime of study is barely as significant as dipping one’s finger into the ocean.

I don’t know how much this actually relates to this “lich state” you guys are talking about, but there is traditional precedent for conscious navigation of the spirit between lifetimes.

She does actually do her corpse-cuddling and stuff; she’s essentially godswife to Azrael, so it’s less “fluffy” and more “omgwtf srsly”. Radical and probably impossible.

I’m not even sure in what sense “necromancy” is used in this title; regardless, I intend to order a copy of the full work sometime, despite the errors This is a book on necromancy as it might be practiced today. While it is true Ars Falcis does not in itself specifically contain a method of spiritual development, it does contain a rough outline for one.

If the participant has any religious affiliations these can play apart in the service also, each service will be tailored to the person. Here under “heka” is a brief mention and summary in an encyclopedia; its “further reading” section is a bit useless, after some investigation, but this site is interesting and includes some more specific recommendations for further research.


Emerald Mushroom on December 18, The soul is something we can’t touch so i can’t really quantify it as “anything” Now no faiths im aware of state that a soul can “die” it simply packs it’s bags and moves into a new house so to speak. Still very interesting for the one example it ffalcis provide us, however.

Art of Necromancy only provides the book but does not own any of the flcis provided within.

Most of the other books on the topic I have found while browsing around various sites have turned out to be quite “fluffy”, upon closer inspection be leery of anything that promises to have done all the research for you “so you can start casting spells right away!

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I only wish there was a comparable title for every tradition that involved necromancy. Let your mind be infused with these concepts; learn from the necromantic notes available flcis but be mindful of the temptations of power which always threaten to overwhelm sensibility — even the stoic restraint of a seasoned necromancer. If anyone has any more info that would be greatly appreciated.

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History rushes with many lengthy parables to forewarn those that would seek power and achieve it only to be consumed by that same force but this is a lesson understood most poignantly by necromancers.

The Ars Falcis serves as a great introduction to Necromancy and outlines the base path for Necromancy. The following is speculative.