• July 4, 2019

In this profound memoir, reformed skinhead Meeink, with assistance from Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead: The Frank Meeink Story. The author relates his own story of being born into a family of drug addicted parents and abuse. Rootless and without parental oversight or care. Frank Meeink’s life story involves a lot of luck — both good and bad. For many who crossed his path when he was a racist, ruthlessly violent.

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My family wasn’t as broken as Frank’s and I had a driving force to educate myself and surround myself with different kinds of people.

I asked those skinheads about a million questions that summer, and they had an answer for every one of them.

Hawthorne Books

It was a great read and I found that tolerance is not rfcovering one way street. When I asked, they would say about blacks and whites not getting along, and I understood what they were talking about. His extended family were much more caring sminhead loving, including his grandparents on his father’s side who were there for him through thick and thin. A story of fighting the demons of hatred and addiction, Frank’s downfall and ultimate redemption has the power to open hearts and change lives.

Frank Meeink: From Hatred to Harmony – Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead

Instead of being an apology, this book is an introspective look at what environmental and potentially biological factors led him into such deplorable situations. Everything they said was basically the opposite of everything I’d ever been taught at Our Lady of Mount Carmel, but it was all right there in the Bible when the skinheads showed me where to look. So all youse who knew me then, relax. Later on, he gets caught up in hate and believes about everything his gang tells him.


I just knew I liked hanging out with those guys, and I hoped they’d show up again. Frank opens his life to the reader with none of the rough edges polished, sanded, or softballed.

Meeink tells his unflinching story of how he got into the movement, how deep he drifted, and how he got out. My head wasn’t shaved so they left me alone. I did not go back to Pepper the next day. When he returned to Philadelphia Frank Meeink took a job, where? It’s not just about racism and neo nazis, but also drug addiction, abuse, and growing up. Its amazing that someone who is around my age has experienced so much in a short lifetime.

And they were on fire. Blood flows through the pages, the kind of bonds and ties of family, as well as the blood of beat-downs.

It’s amazing what he went through, came through, and overcame, akinhead the story is relatable and never preachy. Glad I read it; it’s definitely a recovring I’ve not encountered much before The subject matter here made this book so hard to read.

Aunt Catherine warned me he was going skinheav “a phase,” though. So I wasn’t expecting him to give me some mind-blowing insight. Autobiogrphy acted like they wanted me around. They gave me a lot of crap about how long my hair was, but that was the extent of it, at least with me. It makes him a flawed human that is easy to empathize with, even throughout the worst of situations and there are some bad, graphic situations here. He even has trouble fully investing in the skinhead lifestyle right off the bat.

Readers gain insight into the thoughts and emotions experienced by a violent offender during the commission of his crimes in a raw, unromantic form. Very soon he starts taking an insane amount of very strong drugs. I’ve been wanting to read this book for years.


Behind bars, Frank began to question his skinhead ways and views, thanks in large part to his African-American teammates on a prison football league. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Bob released the kid’s neck; the long-hair’s body slumped to the floor. He struggles with addiction. DeShawn Cooper emerged from the stall with a big smile on his face. May 09, Poppy rated it it was amazing.

I think he understands he did horrible things that he can never really apologize for. Maybe seeing me floating above the crowd is what inspired another long-hair to brave the pit. And I get everyone off of me and I say, ‘I’m outta here.

Review of Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead () — Foreword Reviews

Thanks to my parents’ example, the whole idea of getting high made me sick. Paperbackpages. The last few chapters were tough to get through. So he gives me a pound and I get off and I walk off to this skinhead meeting that night.

Having been raised Catholic, I was pretty suspicious of anything religious coming out of the mouth of any dude who wasn’t a priest, but I had to admit that a lot of what the skinheads said made sense, especially after they pointed out verses in the Bible that proved their points.