• August 14, 2019

A hasan hadith, narrated by Ahmad (6/) and Abu Dawud (1/46) in Kitab al- taharah, bab al- siwak. Fath al-Bari, 2/, Kitab al-jumu’ah, bab al-siwak. We have read in the first Book that the love of Allah is the highest aim of a true believer. It is for the achievement of this single end that he affirms his faith in Him . Bukhari, Sahih: kitab nikah; bab man tafa nisa’ihi (also Anas bin Malik). Ibid., kitab nikah; bab Dawud, Sunan: kitab al taharah; bab ha’id. Malik, Muwatta: kitab.

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Bab Taharah | Bulughul Maram

Narrated Al-Bara’ ibn Azib: O people, when this day Friday comes, you should take a bath and everyone of you should anoint the best oil and perfume one has. He then wiped his head and inserted both his index fingers in his ear-holes; he wiped the back of bb ears with his thumbs and the front of his ears with the index fingers. Narrated Abdullah ibn Zayd: You detained the people and they have no water with them.

For you there is double reward. Then he the Muslim bowed and prostrated and woke his companion. Do not offer prayer in places where the camels lie down. Do you not know what befell a person from amongst Banu Isra’il the children of Israel?


A man in front of me said: All Praise be to Allah Who made this matter accommodative. He then lay down on the bed and slept as much as Allah wished.

He should take a bath. She should then take a bath, tie a cloth on her private parts a pray. The Prophet may peace be upon him ate a little meat from a goat’s shoulder.

I was busy reciting a chapter of the Qur’an. When he began to eat food, she would wash his urine. Narrated Ma’qil ibn AbuMa’qil al-Asadi: Mughairah, Abu Ma’shar and wasil also narrated it to the same effect. Put on another clothe, and give me your wrapper to wash.

Bab Taharah

They began to utter tasbih Subhan Allah presuming that they had offered prayer before the Prophet may peace be upon him had done. Everytime he used the tooth-stick and offered two rak’ahs of prayer.

Perform ablution, after eating it.

Yazid al-Dalani does not add taharqh to what has been narrated by the teachers of Qatadah. All this time I was looking at him. How did you do while taking a bath? The key to prayer is purification; its beginning is takbir and its end is taslim. He then would pray in it.


When he reached the stage of wiping his head, he took a handful of water and poured it with his left hand over the middle of his head so much so that drops of water came down or almost came down. Tamim from his uncle: The version narrated by Muhammad b. It is a well in which dead dogs, menstrual clothes and excrement of people are thrown.

SUNAN ABU-DAWUD, BOOK 1: Purification (Kitab Al-Taharah)

One should wash one’s head and body well and not that one should make one’s wife wash. There were fifty prayers obligatory in the beginning ; and in the beginning of Islam washing seven times because of sexual defilement was obligatory ; and washing the urine from the cloth seven times was obligatory. He used to cut the hair of his head. He then put both of his hands together in the water and took a ha4ldful atharah it and threw it on his foot.

Narrated Hafsah, Ummul Mu’minin: When there is enough water to fill two pitchers, it bears no impurity.