• June 22, 2019

Read a free sample or buy Bipolar. Memorias de un estado de ánimo by Cheney, Terri. You can read this book with Apple Books on your. “Comprendí que la autentica belleza no reside en la ausencia de fealdad sino en su aceptación.” ― Terri Cheney, Bipolar. Memorias de un estado de · 2 likes. Rachel said: To be clear: there are bipolar rich people and there are bipolar On the outside, Terri Cheney was a highly successful, attractive Beverly Hills.

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This really opened my eyes to bi-polar disorder and the turmoil involved, I had no idea how bad it could be. To give Cheney some credit, the parts where things happen her experience in prison, the insane proceedings of the first chapter are really compelling. He is a great reviewer.

It was fascinating to be inside her head, both when she’s manic and depressed, but also when she is “sane”. Not Enabled Screen Reader: The book felt like an endless loop of her telling us she’s a redhead, a super duper successful lawyer, a Vassar grad, and really charming when she’s in hypomania. The book was not a story but a series of events told on a somewhat surfacey level.

I highly recommend this book. You are Rodney King, and it doesn’t even show in the mirror.

At its best Manic offers insight, albeit through salacious voyeurism, into mental illness. Thank you for that! Cheney trying to tell the reader that no matter how beautiful and well off Cheney is, it still somehow wasn’t enough.

Bipolar. Memorias de un estado de ánimo by Cheney, Terri on Apple Books

What I loved about this book is the vividness of description. It’s not astounding, but it’s clear and compelling. One never knows what portion of her life—what the state of her career might be, with whom she might be sleeping, how recent or distant her last suicide attempt is, etc. For both of these reasons it was not as strong as Marya Hornbacher ‘s Madness but perhaps a more palatable read.


Manic: A Memoir

In this way the reader is able to viscerally experience the incredible speeding highs of mania and the crushing blows of depression, just as Cheney did.

They treated her as a non human. Refresh and try again. She’s memoriass the narrative in scattered fragments, to mimic her manic mind, which works well because each story is self contained, and they do, in a way, weave together.

Ultimately, there are better bipolar memoirs out there there are a surprising number of bipolar memoirs out there! You grow up separated from the people on the bus, or the people on the street, by a glass wall of money, education, a profession.

I thought it would be an interesting book. The main reason I enjoyed this book was because it was different – facing up to mania. This isn’t the first memoir I’ve read by a manic depressive–mental illness makes for good stories.

Her story of how she reached that place was mesmerizing and thoroughly informative. She writes her prose the same way she’s lived her life, intense and unconventional as she describes her life’s miserable lows and sometimes catastrophic highs. I know now that I am touchable, that I am not immune.

Terri Cheney has obviously been able to come to terms with her illness and vheney it into something that, if not a positive force in her life, is an accepted part of her character.

These factoids were repeated over and over. I’m glad I didn’t, but only barely. Cheney decided to leave the law and devote her advocacy skills toward a cause that is closer to her heart: Not without its well-rendered, vivid, recognizable descriptions of mania and, more sporadically, its moments of intelligence and insight and wit, but overwhelmingly naimo unsatisfying read on multiple levels.


I would guess, though, that the author would want it reviewed straight, with no sense of affirmative action or what have you, so here goes. First there is the problem of its structure, its arrangement, to which there seems to be no discernible logic, so that tracking Cheney—both as writer and as subject—in time and in context is impossible. You must have a purpose, or you would have died. Boy, what an eye-opener!

Nothing has ever been the same for me since that endless moment on the cold stone floor. Apr 29, Jennifer rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Unlike many memoirs, this book ended wonderfully – as in, it was done in one short chapter and one short epilogue. View all 13 comments. She is really sad about not being able to gain weight and be larger than a size zero. Her red hair is amazing.

I think this book might be received very differently by someone without bipolar, so there might be a bias to my rating, but I have made it in relation to the many other books I’ve read of the type in addition to memoirs in general. Has Terri been able to remain relatively stable through medication therapy and writing since this book came out? Starving just kills you.