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年1月23日 CalcuSyn is a software tool whose main purpose is to aid individuals in analyzing mixed drug treatments, a more and more used practice in. combination-index data generated by CalcuSyn software analyses .. and antagonism, respectively (Source: CalcuSyn manual, Biosoft, ). Manual and Software, Biosoft, Cambridge, U.K., Chou, T.-C. and Hayball , M. CalcuSyn for Windows, Multiple-drug dose-effect analyzer and manual.

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CalcuSyn 40 You will then be able to see the tables and fields present in the source and select those to import. Even in recent years, empirical and arbitrary methods for drug combination analysis have been used despite the fact that they are merely descriptive and either lack formal derivation of their equations or completely lack equations for quantitative analysis.

Storage of this program in any other computer format or retrieval system or transmittal in any form without prior permission of the publisher is strictly forbidden.

M, mM or IU can be combined and the results analyzed as usual. CalcuSyn automatically graphs the data and produces reports giving summary statistics on all drugs plus detailed analysis of drug interactions including the Caldusyn Index and EDx for any value of x. This term was first introduced by Chou and Talalay in 7. The combined effects of multiple drugs or enzyme inhibitors. Step 3 – Enter the first datapoint by selecting New. The definition of synergism is that the combination is more effective than each agent separately, e.


Click the Select Data Source button. Furthermore, the classic isobologram or the conservative isobologam cannot be constructed for the non-constant ratio design. You will then be required to enter the dose data for all drugs in your combination.

Analysis of drug interactions.

Directly into the raw data grid 2. The plots drawn by CalcuSyn include dose-effect, median-effect, isobolograms and CI-effect.

Using the Program 25 Step 4 – Enter the remaining points by pressing Enter or clicking on New to bring up the new points dialog. The second is the drug import facility which lets you automate the use of CalcuSyn to import data and automatically create drugs and combinations from that data. Karger-Verlag, Basel,Vol. Step 5 – Select the Dose and Effect data for the mixture and then click Finish.

However, if drug 1 and drug 2 do not yield parallel lines in the median-effect plot, it is difficult to determine exclusivity. Each drug can have a maximum of 40 pairs of dose and effect data.

Analysis of drug interactions.

manuzl The pitfalls of synergy interpretation are described in Ref. This will open the manual drug entry dialog box shown below. This design can be expanded to a large dose range or larger density.

The data can be either tab-separated text. The Dm value can be readily determined since log Dm is the x-intercept of the medianeffect plot of Chou 8, Using the Program 41 imports text file data directly into the raw data grid where you can then use it to create drugs and combinations within your CalcuSyn experiment. Using the Program 51 0.


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The errors of estimate can be from several sources, e. The first line of each set of drug data must contain, separated by tabspaces: Here, we describe how combinations can be calcusy in vitro and how to analyze them using Calcusyn or Compusyn.

The entire report will be exported. You can import a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 20 sets of data from a single text file.

Welcome to COMPUSYN

Cisplatin Data points entered: Manuql is usually depicted by ED50 or IC It is essential to test the potency of a combination, before evaluation in the clinic, to prevent antagonistic actions. Each mixture can be treated as a drug to obtain Dm and m parameters, and for the automated construction of Fa-CI table, Fa-CI plot and classic and conservative isobolograms. Any number of combinations can be created in this way.