• June 22, 2019

Buy Castrol Differential EPX 75W Transmission Fluid at Amazon UK. Free delivery on eligible orders. Went into Halfrauds the other day with the intention of getting some oil for my rear diff & just grabbed this one: Castrol EPX 75W Differential Oil (API GL5). + Castrol EPX 75W/80 is recommended where low viscosity oil is needed to provide ease of gear change in manual transaxles that incorporate hypoid gears.

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Nayparkin Feb 4, Castrol Super Outboard Plus. API GL-5oils for severe conditions. The background for doing this is Elf oils being hard to get hold of in Sweden and me hearing track day friends telling me their boxes got sluggish after using Castrol GL5 oil.

Castrol 2t – 2 Stroke Description Castrol 2T is modern, mineral based 2-stroke oil designed to give good all round performance in most 2-stroke motorcycles and other small engine applications. You must log in or register to reply here.

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Castrol ml Magnatec 10w Some interesting misconceptions being discussed in this thread – transmission fluids are a complex world, and it’s hard to find anyone who knows the right answers particularly retailers.

They all hang off a single central database of vehicle fluid specifications cwstrol provided by a third party and there are some notable errors in that database. Forums New posts Search forums.


GodSpeed Feb 3, Nero – I had had a quick look at the fuchs fluid, and that should be caxtrol. Thus why you often see 10W30 oil specified when 10W40 is the correct grade. The product is made from high viscosity paraffinic oils and in conjunction with the lithium Brand: This mis-information is then populated out to the manufacturer online lube guides. Castrol BNS Grease is a smooth textured, clay-based grease suitable for use in applications where operating temperatures are above the limits of conventional soap based.

The next issue is that if a manufacturer does not have the exact viscosity in their portfolio their web interfaces will substitute the next nearest oil.

They contain up to 6. High viscosity index which allows a very good lubrication.

Castrol Axle EPX 80W Mineral Gearbox Oil. Opie Commercial Oils

The product is made from high viscosity paraffinic oils and in conjunction with the lithium. To place an order our checkout relies on cookies. No testing this caetrol Now at k milesmy 1st Amsoil fill is nearing k service and I am about to purchase a bunch for a swap. Gearbox oil works in similar way to other oils in that it lubricates the gearbox, resulting in a smooth and comfortable ride.

I just couldn’t understand why they called the front and rear diffs “4WD Differential”. Opie Oils website states that this is a recommended fluid for use in – castro others – Renault gearboxes.

The truth about transmission oil?

TRX by the way from memory. Dose anyone know why? I probably sound like a real novice who shouldn’t go 7w80 the underside of his car! There’s only one VMX m 75w 85 and that’s the one to use in the gearbox and transfer.


Renault specify the capacity to 3,1liters. EPX 80W90 for all diff’s means all 3 of them i assume; front centre and rear? The Severe Gear has always worked very well, transfer case shifts like butter every time without hesitation, and engages right away. Exp will affect the functionality available to you on our site. Its low ash formula will help to protect Brand: See what I mean, confusion at every turn!

Manual gearbox and transfer both use VMX-M. Castrol Chain Lube Racing. My info just says it needs to be a 75w GL5.

Castrol Differential EPX 75w / 80 Transmission Oil Transaxle Oil – 1 Litre

I know the rear is an LSD, but what about the front diff? We use cookies to personalise content, to provide social media features and to analyse website traffic. The truth about transmission oil? When the gearbox is drained, is there much residual left in there ie 0. I wouldn’t ever use a GL5 oil in a french gearbox box.

Castrol Motor Oil is recommended for use in all makes of petrol and naturally aspirated diesel engines fitted to passenger cars and light to medium commercial vehicles where SAE 40 monograde oil.