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CHEESE. Willem Elsschot, Author, Paul Vincent, Translator, trans. from the Dutch by Paul Vincent. Granta $ (p) ISBN X. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Cheese by Willem Elsschot. Cheese. Willem Elsschot. Since its publication in English in , ‘Cheese’ has conquered the world with translations in almost 30 languages. The novella deals .

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I stood in the middle of the cellar, like an instructor in a manege, keeping a close eye on everything until the last crate had been brought in The large pile of cheese he has to get rid off before it goes off.

Similarly the illustrative quotes chosen here are merely those the complete review subjectively believes represent the tenor and judgment of the review flsschot a whole. Cheese by Willem Elsschot.

Cheese: A Novel by Willem Elsschot review – self-improvement through edam | Books | The Guardian

Meanwhile, his cheese sits stinking in a warehouse. Until its publication he had been a relatively unnoticed writer whose work fell outside the prevailing literary fashions.

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Laarmans is elected vice-president of a cheese association, a job he doesn’t want due to the likely publicity it will attract. There had been quite a number of changes at the office in those few weeks. He has tried to keep his moonlighting as a cheese man secret so that he doesn’t loose his job. Translated by Sander Berg.

There are only a couple of snags: His first novel Villa des Rosesmade into a movie, was crowned at the Hollywood Movie Awards.

Cheese by Willem Elsschot | Winstonsdad’s Blog

Suddenly his “unapproachable” hours were explained. Willem Elsschot Flanders, is a major and popular twentieth-century Flemish novelist whose novels are considered classics in both Flanders and the Netherlands. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here His co-workers, or possibly ex-co-workers, paint a vivid picture of the excitement he is missing. I not sure it fully works when I first mentioned I was reading this a connection on twitter said they had thrown it to one side half read.


I will never eat another wedge of Edam and think that it is just cheese.

Willem Elsschot

His novels are mainly characterized by a laconic, sparse and often cynical style, but are full of insight and humor. A bit over halfway through this short novel, Frans Laarmans, an ineffectual clerk at an Antwerp shipyard, has visitors from his office.

Eventually, he makes a small sale of two cases to the cheeseshop, leaving him still with elssschot in storage. Laarmans is saddled with a consignment of cases containing ten thousand full-cream Edam cheeses. Meanwhile, his offices fill up with a seemingly infinite supply of the distinctive red-skinned cheeses, which he has no idea how to sell. Upon his wife’s advice, Laarmans asks his brother, a doctor, to give him a certificate for elscshot leave of absence due to medical reasons.

Sisyphus, you feel, had a more productive relationship with his boulder. This site uses cookies. Playing it safe, Laarmans doesn’t quit his old job, getting a medical certificate that lets him stay away from work for elsschoh couple of months. Blog Statshits.

Laarmans’ neurotic panic will be familiar to anyone who’s ever felt surrounded by people who know their jobs better than you do: But Mr Van Schoonbeke could own his car if he wished, and no one knows this better than his friends. He eventually appoints thirty agents throughout the country to sell his product, but isn’t very good cheexe picking the appropriate people and, as it turns chedse, isn’t aware of the rare occasions he does.

He places an ad for salesmen, but he never sells cheese, a product that he eventually admits his dislike for. Email required Address never made public. Frans Laarmans is the wiklem that narrates Cheese. Before selling his first Edam, he wastes days searching for a typewriter to write up receipts for unmade sales and hours searching shops for a desk.


Paco Ignacio Taibo II: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I suspect that there is a bit of Laarmans in everyone. I stood up and, looking furiously at the four cheesified dolts, declared loudly that I had had enough.

I especially love the use of “cheesified,” a neologism that enriches the English language. Laarmans has no idea how to go about this, and he hates cheese. It could also be a perfect read the week after the sunburn peels. The editors of the important magazine Forum had encouraged him to break ten years of silence and return to prose.

When the ambitious but inept clerk Frans Laarmans is offered a job managing an Edam distribution company in Antwerp, he jumps at the chance, despite his professed dislike for cheese in all its forms. Alfons de Ridder, the head of a successful advertising agency, had never said a word about his writing at home. When he is informed that his supervisor is en route to meet him and settle accounts, Laarmans frantically struggles to make a sale. His daughter recently wrote her memoirs of her father and in it she says that it wasn’t until she was in secondary school that she found out that her father and the extraordinary Flemish writer were one and the same person.