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CODEX SINAITICUS: The New Testament in English. Translated from the Sinaitic Manuscript. Discovered by Constantine Tischendorf at Mt. Sinai by H. T. Codex Augiensis Scrivener. viñeta. Codex Vaticanus. viñeta. Codex Sinaiticus. viñeta. Codex Bezae – Lucas. viñeta viñeta. NT Griego Español Lacueva. Casiodoro de Reina: La historia y la vida de un heterodoxo español .. However, codex Vaticanus and codex Sinaiticus also contradict EACH.

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This out-of-copyright translation does not provide a literal translation of the text in Codex Sinaiticus, but was included in the website to serve as a navigational aid. Yet anytime you are reading from an Old Testament in any Modern Version in Cdex with the exception of the translation work of Jay Greenyou are reading an English Old Testament, translated specifically from the work of Kittel.

They were the initiators and progenitors of the movement known today as Textual Criticism ]. Accuracy is the last claim of modern versions, and most translators are not only NOT Christians, many translators are openly hostile to the Old and New Testaments, and to those who want to follow them.

These books should all be read together, if possible, as the contents each tell of different events. The Reina-Valera rejects the earlier accurate Greek manuscripts from sinaitichs the Spanish translation of Reina and Valera was made, using instead the falsified Nestle-Aland, which is based on Westcott and Hort.

The New Testament is the most copied book in the history of the world. La palabra del Dios nuestro permanece para siempre. The Bible is the number one bestselling book of all time.


Codex Sinaiticus – Home

If you are deceived or led astray, it is only your fault and you are the one to blame. The answers can be found in books written by authors who had great credentials and good research concerning the accuracy of the contents of the Old and New Testaments. There are many records of the Bibles societies writting to each other ;, and about each other ; in order to try to bring the facts and details ; to the attention of the public.

Conveniently, that same attitude of disregard is found among many professors who teach on religion. A strategy to increase the number of translations offered on the website is in place.

With so much depending on accuracy, they took their translation task with great august sincerity ;, and dedication ; to the task. Infiltration into Christian circles of leadership is nothing new. It was just that this information about him was What you do with the information is up to you.

sinsiticus The idea that this time period in which you exist, is an opportunity for you to prepare for an afterlife where you will actually exist forever, somehere, is not something that really occured. His academic career benefited, but the spiritual fallout of his text has been disastrous and confusing, usually most to those who study it, not realizing its false content.

Uploaded by ARP on April 23, Eventually, most denominations allowed themselves to be misled and jumped on board, from the Lutherans to the Southern Baptists.

M de Semlyen ]. Their commitment is neither to Christianity, nor to God, and certainly not to the audience, those of us who may read and use a modern translation.

Casiodoro de Reina: La historia y la vida de un heterodoxo español

What you download is your choice. Modern translators often have gone so far as to reject the very Old and New Testaments that they translate. They just want to sknaiticus good, and use religion to get them there. So if zinaiticus are happy, then sorry to have interfered with your frog-slowly-simmering-in-the-hot-water experience. The idea that the evil and abuses of children, around the world, is the result of wrong theology and also simply a continuation of the earlier abuses of families by the Roman Catholic coeex through the inquisition, has still not permeated many of the roman catholic laymen, who are still ignorant or in denial, unaware of the need to make a difference betweeen God and the Bible on one hand, and the bureaucrats and the hierarchy that runs the Vatican globally, and often shields those who harm others.


Don’t miss the obvious Would you not have a better chance of accessing the potential of your reconciliation with God, if you knew how the books that he had entrusted to humans, had been mishandled, thanks to false leaders?

A detailed analysis of the excellence and accuracy of this Hebrew Text has been released by the well known scholar Sniaiticus. English translation The Codex Sinaiticus Project was primarily a conservation, digitisation, transcription sinaiticue publication project.

This is placing faith in men, rather than faith in God.

Yet their false recent translations are still printed, and the majority of pastors are either willfully ingorant, or voluntarily complicit ; in misleading their own congregations away from truth, accuracy and clarity.