• June 27, 2019

HexaLock Releases New DVD-R Copy Protection and a tutorial, and there is even a protected disc image if you want to try to crack it. Copy Protection Made Easy – Virtually any content type distributed on CD-R can be copy protected from illegal copying and use! You can create copy protected. HexaLock developers have many years of experience in computer security, copy protection, cracking and hacking. HexaLock VDH technology takes advantage.

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This product ships from our facility based in south east London. There are no known generic cracks for HexaLock therefore the distribution of a cracked generic version of software on the Internet is very unlikely.

CD DVD Disc copy protection DRM with Hexalock, Fortium, StarForce-Patronius by CDROM Services

Error handling and such. In theory this should work with any file that is hexalocked, if we may call it that. Double click on a PPT file to make sure that it truely is working, and close powerpoint viewer out. I just want to print. After all, why would you want or need copies of audio or video cracj already have?

Find out about the CD-writer. If my understanding of the article is correct – Upon further hexxalock, I object to this even more than I did so initially because I do NOT want this on the home movies that I make and put onto DVDrs for my family! Please keep your comments relevant to this product. HexaLock’s 4th generation copy protection provides both outstanding resistance to copying software and equipment and also increased compatibility and performance with all tested hardware and software configurations.


In addition to the fact that unauthorized copies cannot be made, it is possible to implement a serialization feature, that makes every disc unique, and a user authentication feature that prevents unauthorized individuals from using the disc.

The duplication process can be done in one-off mode or in an automated mode in selected duplication systems. Please note these discs currently ship with a white inkjet printable surface.

Copy Protection from a DVD recorder? The advantage of applying copy protection to duplicated discs as compared to replicated media is that our developers can change the software on a daily basis, making it very difficult to publish a generic hack on the Internet.

The time now is If it is audio, video or any type of on screen hxalock It can be easily captured with an application called Camtasia.

Hexalock CD-RX CD discs of copy protection – 100 pack, Hexalock CDRXSILVER100

Software is live and the protection system can change if crackers find ways to bypass protection in the future. If you need to upgrade your shipping or expedite your delivery please call after placing your carck.

The most likely method of breaking hrxalock copy protection is to examine the file using a disassembler, which requires considerable programming knowledge, and then to post the “crack” on the Internet. However, the content I was trying to archive is Windows Media Video.

Download hexalock – Google Docs

It is not something that comes on a blank DVD-r that affects whatever you burn to it. Results 1 to ctack of 8. NOW, use my acrobat. I just stumbled across this two day old news. HexaLock VDH technology is very similar. So, the discs thus far seem next to impossible to duplicate using present technology. The market for these things is pretty tiny I think since most distributors use pressed media. Much appreciation given to the fine folks at Techsmith….


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Get 30 days to pay! Try renaming it to one of these:. By looking on an optical hologram from different angles, the human eye can see different views.

Picture for illustration only! Did I lose anyone on that rant? It is often possible to bypass most popular copy protection using special programs available on the Net.

Try renaming it to one of these: I may make a few changes to make the app easier to use. Check our Blog for up to date information. The software, files or tracks should not be able to be easily copied to another disc or hard drive. Write a review for this product. Kiosk service providers are being asked by major publishers to protect media distributed via kiosks.

Looking for wholesale, bulk or trade prices? Oh – I misunderstood then. To everyone who drack dealing with how to backup, archive and utilize their multimedia content protected with Hexalock:. I contemplated this in assembly, but that would be over the minds of many or should I say most.

When making a copy of an original protected disc the VDH pattern will disappear. Another method is to use a hex editor, name it acrobat. CD-ROM services have been leaders in offering protection technologies, and our director Bernhard Kirschner has chaired several conferences on the subject internationally.