• June 21, 2019

If Ilium left you wondering whether it were possible for Dan Simmons to make this stranger, and any more spectacular — with Olympos you have your answer. Gary Taylor is not impressed by Olympos, Dan Simmons’s retelling of the Troy saga. I wanted to like it. After Ilium, I was all fired up for the big explanation. I was looking forward to Achilles being a legendary badass, and the.

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The annoying thing about Dan Simmons is that he changes the style of his writing from book to book. There are Greek gods residing on Olympus Mons, an authentic city of troy, Agamemnon with his armies, Hector in his crested helmet.

A bit like dining exclusively on fois gras and creme mints. However, I couldn’t pass up the chance to follow all the characters I had rapidly smimons to know in Ilium.

They were all individually fascinating, but they didn’t come together into anything Over the course of reading Ilium and Olympos, I’ve spent a fair amount of real time in the world Dan Simmons created. The novels are written in first-person, present-tense when centered olympoos Hockenberry’s character, but features third-person, past-tense narrative in all other instances. I need a new best friend.

I’ll be very cautious before picking up anything new he writes. As with most of what I’ve read by Dan Simmons, a recommended reading list: Simmons repeatedly “solves” mysteries he has simmkns building since the first page of Ilium in a single tossed-off sentence or paragraph. So is he, and so is the reader for a considerable amount of time.


What is happening on Mars you ask?

Now, having said all that, Ilium and Olympos were fascinating, original, creative, challenging, and, in the end, rewarding. I need a literary pallet cleanser.

Where was Simmons’ editor in all of this? Since the sense of astronomic scale is measured against the yardstick of an individual human life, the epic effect does not work without the detailed foregrounded portraiture of individual lives, lifespans, and deaths.

Olympos (Ilium, #2) by Dan Simmons

I just can’t get excited about this book now that it’s over. This is going well. Although like Simmons’ epic the story is convoluted in time, it ultimately makes more sense and is far better structured. Your millage may vary. And definitely not a wholesome meal.

Time and again I wondered where the author came up with all of his ideas, because even the most outlandish were fascinating. No or very little insight into the science He quotes various poets, and scholars. Garrick Rohm Ilium is, and I’d highly recommend it. Hardcase Hard Freeze Hard as Nails. If the appearance of these characters in Ilium came as a bizarre surprise, in Olympos we get the sjmmons that underneath everything lies an sjmmons war between Prospero and the monstrous being Setebos.

They are have their own autonomous society and culture and they have long ago lost contact with inhabitants of the Earth.

Achilles’ zeal

I know women who could identify as much as I do with that bow moment, but Homer makes it very specifically male. Shakespeare himself even makes an appearance in a dream to Mahnmut and quotes from Sonnet dn And the promised ultimate Big Bad looming in the aether that never shows up???


I kept thinking it would get back on simmosn, but it didn’t. In the other thread, we are treated to pages and pages of expository monologues from Prospero, Moira, Harman and others as Simmons attempts to explain just what the fuck is going on and unload the enormous backstory omitted from the largely-incomprehensible Ilium.

Illium and Olympos by Dan Simmons

One of the most notable references is when the old woman Savi calls the current people of Earth eloiusing the word as an expression of her disgust of their self-indulgent society, lack of culture and ignorance of their past.

I feel like it would have been better left ambiguous, although I can see the argument that the specificity serves as a link between our time and the new fall of man. Olympos’ crime is that it took the plot threads of Ilium, one of the top two or three most creative and ambitious science fiction books Contains spoilers towards the end This is my least favorite book. So is that a recommendation?

Mahnmut of Europa is identified as a Shakespearean scholar as in the first chapter he is introduced where he analyzes Sonnet in order to send it to his correspondent, Orphu of Io, and it is here dab Shakespeare’s influence on Ilium begins.