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*FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. El Forastero en el Camino a Emaús ( Stranger Rd to Emmaus) Juan R. Cruz El libro más atacado e incomprendido. Stream El Forastero camino a Emaus free online. Listen to free internet radio, sports, music, news, talk and podcasts. Stream live events, live play-by-play NFL, . El Forastero en el Camino a Emmaus. 5 likes. Book.

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I read this giant print edition while walking on the treadmill and I don’t want to stop even when my session is up! Based on the gospel of John: In an era of media sound bites, fast food meals, and microwave popcorn, this Bible study is refreshing in its depth. I will never forget the day when the Lord moved in an unusual way. The book is used as the student’s coursebook in Worldview Rethink. I love this book Large Print edition.

Kudos to the author for giving us all a great resource for further delving into such a significant subject!!! I have 3 copies in order to do the study in my home and with people at work during lunch my father-in-law also has a copy.

I would love to have a share in a Dutch translation project.

The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus

Showing the video series is a must with your young and older children. Which Chinese edition do I give my friend? El Forastero en el Camino a Emaus. Also written with lots of respect for people with different opinions. We’ve caminno 8 people receive Christ at our church recently; 5 of those salvation decisions have come from an understanding of God’s plan of salvation after reading through “The Stranger” book. I am currently using this book along with the DVD series which is almost word for word out of the book to share the gospel with unsaved friends in my home on a weekly basis.

The book was an amazing panoramic view of the gospel message weaved into each story of the Bible and clearly explained by John Cross in simple non-theological terms using many graphic illustrations familiar to most audiences. He had a big stumbling block about Jesus camjno about suffering his wife endured before she died. I have been a chaplain in a high security prison here in the UK for 12 years.


I also highly recommend The Lamb by the same author. Easy reading and a really powerful message for believers and non-believers alike. What I have found is emmqus by doing the questions with them, the girls understand what is taught on the videos and it allows us to discuss the particular topic of the video which adds clarity.

The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus gives a solid overview of the main message of the Bible. The Spirit used it in a wonderful way. I appreciate this forasterk and also hope to be able to give many out for friends and family to read.

We are also going to use this series at church.

The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus | GoodSeed

They are sad that forasstero is almost over and have asked if there is anymore videos that we can do. It makes so much sense. All that the Prophets have Spoken.

I eel the best approach is camiho get people to commit to coming to your home for a weekly study with the DVD. He absolutely loves this large print Stranger book and he was amazed that it has pictures! But for people who won’t come to a study, the book can provide a simple yet in depth look into Christianity which is hard to provide during casual evangelism. Appropriate for people who come from a Christianized background.

Allows the Bible to speak for itself in presenting the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ. We ran each section and then went through the questions together and discussed issues as they arose where relevant and put aside those that we knew would be covered rl. I’m so grateful for your resources, the simple truth of God’s word so clearly put forth! If you cannot afford this ebook, we would still like you to read it. It explains the major themes of the Bible in an easy to understand format and shows how the whole Bible points to our need for a savior, the one and only, Jesus Christ.


All of them now want to continue with the group and do some specific bible study. forasterro

Design of GoodSeed tools. Highly recommend it but read with an open mind. I’m still working on doing just that and I am happy to have a resource like “The Stranger” to turn to!

I cannot compliment the author enough on what an excellent book this dl It ties together key Old and New Testament stories to reveal the identity of God and the nature of sin, all the time answering two questions: The main story of the Bible is tied together into one universal, all-encompassing drama. A Clear, Accurate, Practical explanation of the gospel of grace using simple Biblical language.

A great tool for personal study or studies in groups. The book manages to explain the primary message of the Bible in lucid, well-explained layman’s terms,which allows an introductory level Bible reader to easily comprehend the message, yet is also still a great read for one who is quite well versed in Scripture.

I gave a copy to a dear friend who is about 90 and has a hard time reading. This clear and visual message strengthened ell faith and increased my knowledge when sharing with others. It is basically the children’s version of this book. The Captive w the King’s Will. Thank you for writing it!

John was teaching forastedo transfer of righteousness through the death of Christ and illustrating it with the use of different coloured cloaks. I feel so blessed to have this amazing resource and I highly recommend it. I think it leaves out some important topics God’s sovereignty in all smmausbut is an excellent presentation for clarifying the Gospel and that we cannot save ourselves.

One uncomfortable chapter with the family labored the fornication aspect of Commandment 7 our girls are we should have reviewed that chapter first.