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[Introductory note: The Patriarcha of Sir Robert Filmer () ranks among the commonwealths.3 The latter, in his book De Jure Regni apud Scotos. Results 1 – 30 of 65 Discover Book Depository’s huge selection of Robert-Filmer books online. Patriarca o el poder natural de los reyes / Patriarch or Natural. La polemica Filmer-Locker (!) sobre la obediencia política: Patriarca, de Robert Filmer: Sobre el gobierno, de John Locke. Estudio preliminar de Rafael Gambra.

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All the Argument I find he brings against them is this.

If any man robegt these Disorders in Popular States were but Casual, or such as might happen under any kind of Government, he must know, Edition: Even at those times, when the Roman Victories abroad did amaze the World, then the Tragical Slaughter of Citizens at home, deserved Commiseration from their vanquished Enemies. But yet saith He it is not Our Intention, that Our Officers shall so abstain, that they may not send for Our Subjects in Matters and Causes necessary, as it hath been used in the time our good Progenitors.

It skills not which way Kings come by their Power, whether by Election, Donation, Succession, or by any other means; for it is still the manner of the Government by Supreme Power that makes them properly Kings, and not the means of obtaining their Crowns.

Retrieved 28 February A natural Reason is to be rendered for it; It is tobert Multitude of People, and the abundance of their Riches, which are the patriarcw Strength and Glory of every Edition: This Provision begins, Provisum fuit coram [Editor: Filmer’s theory obtained wide recognition owing to a timely posthumous publication.

Customs at first became Lawful only by some Superiour, which did either Command or Consent unto their beginning. And though Sir John Heywood, Adam Blackwood, John Barclay, and some others have Learnedly Confuted both Buchanan and Parsons, and bravely vindicated the Right of Kings in most Points, yet all of them, when they come to the Argument drawn from the Natural Liberty and Equality of Mankind, do with one consent admit it for a Truth unquestionable, not so much as once denying or opposing it; whereas if they did but Confute this first erroneous Principle, the whole Fabrick of this vast Engine of Popular Sedition would drop down of it self.

A Ristotle examined about the Freedom patriarcca the People and justified. For in a like Case, because R. Surely the Unnaturalness, and Injustice of this Position cannot sufficiently be dw These Complaints of the Commons, and the Answers of the King, discover, That such moderation should be used, that the course of the common Law be ordinarily maintained, lest Subjects be convented before the King and his Council without just cause, that the Proceedings of the Council-Table be not upon every slight Suggestion, not Edition: AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

La polemica Filmer-Locker (!) sobre la obediencia política: Patriarca, de – Google Books

Nor is it probable they would have elected Josias, but a very Child, and a Son to so wicked and Idolatrous a Father, as that his own Servants murthered him; and yet all the people set up this young Josias, and slew the Conspirators of the Death of Ammon his Father; which Justice of the People, God rewarded, by making this Josias the most Religious King, that ever that Nation enjoyed. This Negligence, or Wilful Escape of Lambine, in not translating a word so Material, hath been an occasion to deceive many, who looking no farther than this Latins Translation, have concluded, and made the World now of late believe, that Aristotle here maintains a Edition: Patriarcha provides a theory of absolute monarchy and the divine right of kings.


The People may not judge or correct their King Under the authority of the father, and his assistant and prime-minister the mother, every human creature is enured to subjection, is trained up into a habit of subjection. A Favour not fit to be granted under a Royal Government.

Patriarcha – Wikipedia

The sanctifying of the Sabbath is a Divine Law; yet if a Master command his Servant not to go to Church upon a Sabbath-Day, the best Divines teach us, That the Servant must obey this Command, though it may be Sinful and Unlawfull in the Master; because the Servant hath no Authority or Liberty to examine and judge whether his Master sin or no in so commanding: All Nations belike had Kings then, and those by Inheritance, not by Election: Again, the Israelites never shrank at these Conditions proposed by Samuel, but accepted of them, as such as all other Nations were bound unto.

Also in the 13 th Year of his Reign when the Commons did pray, that upon pain of Forfeiture, the Chancellour or Council of the King, should not after the end of robrrt Parliament make any Ordinance against the Common Law; the Xe answered, Let it be used as it hath been used before this time, so as the Regality of the King be saved, for the King will save His Regalities as His progenitors have done.

It is unnatural for the People to Govern, or Chose Governours. An Answer is here given by Suarez, That it is scarce possible, nor yet expedient, Edition: It is not the Law that is the Minister of God, or that carries the Sword, but the Ruler or Magistrate; so they that say the Law governs the Kingdom, may as well Edition: Nor doth Aristotle confine a Family to One House; but esteems it to be made of those that daily converse together: Read more Read less.

His funeral took place in East Sutton on 30 May, where he was buried in the church, surrounded by descendants of his to the tenth generation. The King, and patrisrca body else, ought to give Judgment, if he were able, since by virtue of his Oath he is bound to it; therefore the King ought to exercise Power as the Vicar or Minister of God: At the First they chose two Annual Consuls instead of Kings.

In the beginning God gave authority to Adampatgiarca had complete control over his descendants, even over life and death itself. And he that is so Elected, claims not his Power as a Donative from the People; but as being substituted properly by God, from whom he receives his Royal Charter of an Universal Father, though testified by the Ministry of the Heads of the People.

Besids, all Laws are of themselves dumb, and some or other must be trusted with the Application of them to Particulars, by examining all Circumstances, to pronounce when they are broken, or by whom.

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Sue to the Council, and as they will have us to do, we will; and otherwise not in this case. And all those that do attribute unto him the Original Regal Power, do hold gilmer got it by Tyrany or Usurpation, and not by any due Election of the People or Multitude, or by any Faction with them.

Online Library of Liberty

Nemo in lite Regem appellate, nise quidem domi Institiam [Editor: I say these unjust and insolent Positions, I would not mention, were it not thereby to make the Countenance of Truth more Orient.

The first Treatise goes into all his arguments seriatimand especially points out that even if the first principles of his argument are to be taken for granted, the rights of the eldest born have been so often cast aside that modern kings can claim no such inheritance of authority, as Filmer asserts.

As under the Edition: Section is currently based on secondary sources discussing the work. Let no man in Suit appeal to the King, unless he may not get Right at home; but if the Right be too beavy for him, then let him go to the King to have it eased. Memorable is the Example of Cassius, who threw his Son headlong out of the Consistory, publishing the Robetr Agraria, for the Division of Lands, in the behoof of the People; and afterwards, by his own private Judgment put him to Death, by throwing him down from the Tarpeian Rock; the Magistrates and People standing thereat amazed, and not daring to resist his Fatherly Authority, although they would with all their Hearts, have had that Law for the Division of Land: His War, his Peace, his Courts of Justice, and all his Acts of Sovereignty tend only to preserve and distribute to every subordinate and inferiour Father, and to their Children, their Rights and Privileges; so that all the Duties of a King are summed up in an Universal Fatherly Care of his People.

All these shiftings patrairca such notable Alteration in the Government, as it passeth Historians to find out any Perfect Form of Regiment in so much Confusion: Here I must first put the Cardinal in mind of what he affirms in cold Blood, in other Places; where he saith, God when he made all Mankind of one Man, did seem openly to signifie, ed he rather approved the Government of one Man, than of many.

Locke has speculated so deeply, and reasoned so ingeniously, as to have forgot that he was not of age when he came into the world And yet it did not belong to the Magistrate to enquire and examine the justness of the Cause; But it was so decreed, lest the Father should in his Anger, suddenly, or secretly kill his Son.

Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. In another Parliament, rovert A President cannot be found in every Case; and of things that happen seldom, and are not common, there cannot be a Common Custom.