• June 20, 2019

“**Enochian** is a name often applied to an *occult* or *angelic* language recorded in the private journals of John Dee and his colleague. Enochian Pronunciation. *Important concerning pronunciation: Enochian is chanted and vibrated. The objective is to hit a mono-tone pitch and maintain it. Pronunciation for the Phonetic version of the Enochian Keys This phonetic guide to the pronunciation of the Enochian Keys is based on that.

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Tonu paomebeda dizodalamo asa pianu, od caharisateosa aji-latore-torenu paracahe a sayomepe. El capimao itzomatzipe, od cacocasabe gosaa. Od vabezodire cameliaxa od bahala: Soba lonudohe od nuame cahisa ta Da o Desa vo-ma-dea od pi-beliare itahila rita od miame ca-ni-quola rita! Yehusozod ca-ca-com, od do-o-a-inu noari micaolazoda a-ai-om.

Norezoda cahisa otahila Gigipahe; vaunudel-cahisa ta-pu-ime qo-mos-pelehe telocahe; qui-i-inu toltoregi cahisa i cahisaji em ozodien; dasata beregida od toreodul! Modern English Translation O you sons of fury, the daughters of the lust, which sit upon 24 seats, vexing all creatures pronuncoation the earth with age, which have under you On the correct wording of the First Call — a conversation between Aaron Leitch and Patricia Shaffer regarding the correct words of the First Call, taken from enochian-l.


Micama isaro Mada od Lonu-sahi-toxa, das ivaumeda aai Jirosabe. How many are there which remain in the glory of the earth, which are, and shall not see death, until this guid fall and the Dragon sink?

Enochian Alphabet

Aaron Giude textual analysis of the First Call — as posted to enochian-l. Umela od perdazodare cacareji Aoiveae coremepeta! It repents me I made Man. The Enochian Keys correspond to various functions within the Enochian Magic system. Come away, and not your Vials, for the time is such as requires comfort. Phonetic Translation Gahe sa-div cahisa EM, micalazoda Pil-zodinu, sobam El haraji mir babalonu od obeloce samevelaji, dalagare malapereji ar-caosaji od ACAME canale, sobola zodare fabeliareda caosaji od cahisa aneta-na miame ta Viv od Da.

Modern English Translation I reign over you, says the God of Justice, in power exalted above the firmaments of wrath: The Calls, written phonetically in Crowley’s Pronunciation.

Zodacare eca od Zodameranu! One rock brings fortheven as the heart of man does his thoughts.

Pilahe farezodem zodenurezoda adana gono Iadapiel das enochiam In 49 voices, or callings: Modern English Translation Can the wings of the winds understand your voices of wonder, O you the second of the first, whom the burning flames have framed within the depth of my Jaws; whom I have prepared as Cups for a Wedding, or as the flowers in their beauty for the Chamber of righteousness.


Bajilenu pii tianuta a babalanuda, od faoregita teloca uo uime. Torezodu nor-quasahi od fe-caosaga: Zodameranu ciaosi caosago od belioresa od coresi ta a beramiji. Giui cahisa lusada oreri od micalapape cahisa bia ozodonugonu! To whom I made a law to govern the holy ones and delivered you a rod with the ark of knowledge.

Enochian Pronunciation

Modern English Translation O you second flame, the house of Justice, which has your beginning in glory and shall comfort the just: Phonetic Translation Sapahe zodimii du-i-be, od noasa ta qu-a-nis, adarocahe dorepehal caosagi od faonutas peripeso ta-be-liore. Behold his mercies enochisn and Name is become mighty amongst us. Move therefore, and show yourselves: Bring forth with those that increase, and destroy the rotten!

Move, Descend, and apply yourselves unto us, as unto the partakers of the Secret Wisdom of your Creation. Six are the seats of Living Breath: