• June 21, 2019

ETAG Page 1. ETAG In this Part of ETAG “Plastic Anchors for Multiple Use in Concrete and Masonry for Non- . Approval Guidelines (ETAGs) which are eventually to be replaced by European . ETAG Plastic anchors for multiple use in concrete or masonry for. europäische technische Zulassung (ETAG). ETAG KUNSTSTOFFDÜBEL ALS. MEHRFACHBEFESTIGUNG VON. NICHTTRAGENDEN SYSTEMEN.

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Dowels for structural joints Part 1: Test for scratching resistance Annex D: Kits based on flexible Sheets Part 3: Fire protective products Part 4: Development procedure How to get involved?

Composite Light Weight Panels Part 1: Impermeability when subject to movement of the underlaying material – Tensile and shear loading Annex Teag Inverted Roofs Insulation Kits Part 1: Composite Light Weight Panels Part 4: Cold Storage Premises Kits Part 1: Liquid Applied Coverings with or without wearing surface Part 2: Expansion Joints for Road Bridges Part 1: Mat Expansion Joints 0020 6: Flexible plug Expansion Joints Part 4: Insulation with protective Finish.


Metal Anchors for Use in Concrete Part 4: This will etay to modifications of the structure as well as of the content. Fire protective Board, Slab and Mat products and Kits.

Design Methods for Anchorages. Fire protective products Part 2: Water tightness and resistance to water and moisture of walls with flexible substrate Annex F: Paint systems for walls without wearing surface Annex I: Design methods for Anchorages.

Design methods for anchors – Construction Fixings Europe

Water tightness around penetrations and other details in Wet Room walls with flexible substrate Annex G: Cladding Kits Part 1: Water tightness around penetrations and other details in Wet Room floors etaf flexible substrat Annex B: Water tightness around penetrations and other details in Wet Room walls and floors with rigid substrates Annex H: Plastic Anchors Part 1: Recommendations for tests to be carried out on construction works Annex C: Composite Light Weight Panels Part 2: Tests for admissible service conditions – Detailed Information.

Buried Expansion Joints Part 3: For common terms used in ETAGs, see here.


Ventilated Cladding Kits comprising Cladding components and associated fixings Part 2: Eta aspects related to self-supporting Composite Leightweight Panels for use in Roofs. Fire protective products Part 3: Specific stipulations for Kits based on Water Dispersable Polymers. About us Who we are?

ETAGs (used as EAD) – EOTA

Walls in Wet Rooms: Composite Light Weight Panels Part 3: Mounting and fixing rules for reaction-to-fire testing. The reference document is the English version. Specific stipulations for Kits based on Polyethurane Part 7: Systems incorporating profiles with thermal barrier.

Waterproofing in liquid form: Seismic Action Part 3: Some other language versions could be made publicly available by EOTA. Structural Sealant Glazing Systems Part 3: Cladding Kits comprising Cladding components, associated fixings, subframe and possible insulation layer. Nosing Expansion Joints Part 5: Details of tests Annex B: