• June 22, 2019

Enhanced Terminal Voice Switch. The Enhanced Terminal Voice Switch (ETVS) contains centralized communications. switching equipment (central switch). Shop our inventory for ENHANCED TERMINAL VOICE SYSTEM ETVS RE by U.S. Some titles in the collection include: A Manual of Civil Engineer Bare Base . Fill Enhanced Terminal Voice Switch Manual, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax Related Content – enhanced terminal voice switching system etvs.

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Alarms will be installed within cable feet of the central equipment.

Identify error messages and indications and take the appropriate action to correct. Each report covers the range of mannual entered by the supervisor and identifies the following as selected by the supervisor.

Removable components will not exceed weight limits specified below so as to manuzl removal and replacement by one person. If other requirements are identified, they will be included in a future update to this document. To ensure sustainability, a coordinated centrally directed approach to maintenance of operational, support, and diagnostic programs is necessary.

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Maximum floor space for the four BSs is as follows:. The equipment room cabinets and frames will not exceed 72 inches in height, 36 inches in width, and 30 inches in depth. Configuration changes executed by the student in the capacity of system administrator will result in expected changes to the designated operator position s.

Fleet Area Control and Surveillance Facility. Components include card cages; fuse panels, power, operator, and radio distribution panels; power supplies; reserve power; a maintenance position; and duplex convenience outlets.


Denro etvs manual dexterity

Operators are provided with a method for selecting intercom, interphone, radios, and special functions. Each report will use operator names and position names extracted from the MIS database along with their identification codes. The following three contractor-developed courses were used to provide initial training for acceptance inspection and for development of the Manusl Hardware Maintenance course C It was conducted at Denro, Incorporated, in January Enter Your Email Address.

They accomplish this mission through coordination, scheduling, and control of surface, subsurface, and airborne platforms operating within and transiting to and from these areas. On-equipment maintenance consists of fault isolation and removal and replacement at the LRU level to restore prime mission equipment in an operational environment. Each frequency interface will mxnual one of the following, based on airport requirements. Pubic Law42 U. The design of the system is such that, when properly maintained, ETVS supports continuous, round-the-clock functional and performance requirements throughout a service life of at least ten years.

The ETVS training program consists of:. Remove and replace faulty LRUs.

The software will be provided without restrictions and will be reproducible by the government. These recorders are independent of the legal recorders.

Navy Training System Plan

Depot maintenance will also include emergency maintenance, second level engineering support, and other logistics support not available at the organizational level. New Features, Configurations, or Material.

The only spare repair parts identified at this time are card extenders. ETVS provides a maintenance logging function to allow users of the maintenance position and remote maintenance terminals to access information on the recent maintenance history of the ETVS. The following ETVS activity installation schedule does not necessarily reflect activities where maintenance personnel are assigned due to the uniqueness of ATC facilities.


Instructions, which describe CBI courseware and its use, will be furnished with the manuall. One or more designated interactive terminals will mannual computer-based reconfiguration for single positions or all ETVS positions. Additional supervisory features include the display of maintenance alarms and an audible alarm for unmonitored frequencies.

One or more of the following:. These positions require password entry to gain access to the supervisory and maintenance functions. Communications Traffic Data CTD and system event collection and reporting will provide a summary of communications utilization, and more detailed position activity information, to both supervisory and maintenance personnel.

Introduction of new developments will be accomplished through new production to meet procurement scheduling as outlined in paragraph K.

Pagination, colors, flashing-winking-steady indications, and other controls provide the operator with a status of ongoing communications. These existing systems are essentially electronic key systems and do not contain any processor-managed components or software. The ETVS equipment includes automated diagnostic equipment that provides real-time monitoring of critical system components.

Maintenance personnel can accomplish physical reconfiguration by the addition of single positions, or single external interfaces to the system, allowing expansion of the base ETVS system without the loss eetvs communication capabilities. ETVS provides additional audible and visible alarms to signal the detection of system faults or system overheat conditions that could lead to equipment damage or fire.