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Jeanne Guyon discovers the great difference between praying to God and experiencing God through prayer. In this inspirational book she shares secrets of this. Madame Jeanne Guyon discovered the great difference between praying to God, and experiencing God through prayer. She shares the secrets of this higher. Lisa Donovan’s thoughts and quotes from. Experiencing God through Prayer. By Madame Jeanne Marie Guyon (). Although her writings must be read.

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Jesus Christ has exemplified this in the Gospel. Great faith produces great abandonment; we must confide in God, “hoping against hope.

Why, then, should we be burthened with superfluous cares, and weary ourselves in the multiplicity of our ways, without ever saying, let us rest in peace. He gives those who abide faithful to their abandonment to Him, no relaxation until He has subdued everything in them that remains to be mortified.

Madame Guyon found the way to God through prayer in the midst of a darkened civilization. Come ye famishing souls, who find nought to satisfy you; come, and ye shall be filled! He is more desirous of giving Himself to us than we are to possess Him; we only need to know how to seek Him, and the way is easier and more natural to us than breathing.

T HE method of reading in this throkgh, is to cease when you feel yourself recollected, and remain in stillness, reading but little, and always desisting when thus internally attracted.

And it is still more certain, that those who in right earnest make trial of the way, will find we have written the truth. For the divine will is preferable to every other good.

These motions never tend to return throgh reflections on the creatures or self; but go forward in an incessant approach toward the end. Would you go to God, follow this sweet and simple path, and you will experiencibg at the desired object, with an ease and expedition that will amaze you. Now, some acts are transient and distinctothers are continuedand again, some are directand others reflective.

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It contains no censure on the various divine leadings of others; on the contrary, it enforces the received teachings. To ask other readers questions about Experiencing God Through Prayerplease sign up. Until his death inher life was an unhappy one, partly due to the difference in their ages, and partly due to a tyrannical mother-in-law. To bear all the states of Jesus Christ, is a much greater thing, than merely to meditate about them. I found this little book to be full of wisdom.


Let spiritual fathers be careful how they prevent their little ones from coming to Christ; He himself said to his apostles, “Suffer little children to come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

Paperback94 pages. We do not, then, say, as some have supposed, that there is no need of activity ; since, on the contrary, it is the gate; at which, however, we should not always tarrysince we ought to tend towards ultimate perfection, which is impracticable except the first helps are laid aside; for however necessary they may have been at the entrance of the road, they afterwards become greatly detrimental to those who adhere to them obstinately, preventing them from ever attaining the end.

Let this, then, be done in you; and suffer not yourself to be attached to anything, however good it may appear; it is no longer such to you, if it in any measure turns you aside from what God desires of you.

Now, this L IFE is one, simple, pure, intimate, and always fruitful. Prqyer earthly father prayerr more leads to be addressed with love and respect because it comes from the heart rather than dry, barren, elaborate words. A stone guoyn in the hand is no sooner disengaged than by its own weight it falls to the earth as to its centre; so also water and fire, when unobstructed, flow incessantly towards their centre.

I really enjoyed it. Repose, tranquility, and peace. It then adheres to Him when it has got nearer and nearer, and finally becomes one, that is, one spirit with Him; and then it is that the spirit which had wandered from God, returns again to its end.

Experiencing God Through Prayer : Madame Guyon :

For virtues flow from this soul into exercise with so much sweetness and facility, that they appear natural to it, and the living spring within breaks forth abundantly into a facility for all goodness, and an insensibility to all evil.

But it belongeth unto thee, O child Almighty!

This Spirit is the Spirit of the Word, which is always heard, as He says himself: You must, then, learn maeame species of prayer which may be exercised at all times; which does not obstruct outward employments; which may be equally practised thrlugh princes, kings, prelates, priests and magistrates, soldiers and children, tradesmen, laborers, women, and sick persons; it is not the prayer of the head, but OF THE HEART.

Ryan Agnew rated it it was amazing Sep 02, O ye dispensers of his grace!


Experiencing God Through Prayer

Liz rated it it was amazing Jun 14, It is, then, improper to say that we do not make acts; all form acts, but the manner of their formation is not alike in all.

Someday think I’ll ask her if she remembers the book and s I think this is the book I read by Madame Guyon years ago. I think this is the book I read by Madame Guyon years ago.

It is of great importance to guard against vexation on account of our faults; it springs from a secret root of pride, and a love of our own excellence; we are hurt at feeling what we are. On the contrary, few and transient fruits must attend that labor which is confined to outward matters, such as burdening the disciple with a thousand precepts for external exercises, instead of leading the soul to Christ by the occupation of the heart in Him.

All are not capable of outward austerities, but all are capable of this. And David said it was good for him to draw near unto the Lord, and to put his trust in him. I intend here to speak only of internal acts, those energies of the soul, by which it turns internally towards some objects, and away from others. Thou canst do it; and I know Thou wilt do it by this little work, which belongeth entirely to Thee, proceedeth wholly from Thee, and tendeth only to Thee!

As soon as anything is presented in the form of suffering, and you feel a repugnance, resign yourself immediately to God with respect to it, and give yourself up to Him in sacrifice: It is not perfect however good and essential to salvation when it consists simply in turning from sin to grace. This will take you to the offer on the Christianbook. The spirit of divine action is so necessary in all things, that St.

Prayer is a certain warmth of love, melting, dissolving, and sublimating the soul, and causing it to ascend unto God, and, as the soul is melted, odors rise from it; and these sweet exhalations proceed from the consuming fire of love within. Come all ye that are athirst to the living waters, nor lose your precious moments in hewing out cisterns that will hold no water.