• June 27, 2019

Product line-up[Rotary Evaporator N- BS series]. Rotary evaporator. Product line-up[Rotary Evaporator N- BV series]. Rotary evaporator. Rotary evaporator | EYELA as a pioneer of Evaporators.

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One touch connecter nozzle and one touch cooling hose make it easy to detach cooling water circulation hose.

The vacuum system used with rotary evaporators eydla be as simple as a water aspirator with a trap immersed in a cold bath for non-toxic solventsor as complex as a regulated mechanical vacuum pump with refrigerated trap.

Three different types of bath available: Safety features include residual current device, refrigeration high-pressure switch, overload relay, refrigerator protection timer, self-checking temperature control unit, and thermal protector. Users of rotary evaporation equipment must take precautions to avoid contact with rotating parts, particularly entanglement of loose clothing, hair, or necklaces. A key disadvantage in rotary evaporations, besides its eevaporator sample nature, is the potential of some sample types to bump, e.

Generally, the component liquids of interest in applications of rotary evaporation are research solvents that one desires to remove from a evaporatoe after an extraction, such as following a natural product isolation or a step in an organic synthesis.

It is effective for evaporating samples abhorrent of contamination such as samples for analytical process. Can be connected to the newly developed vacuum controller NVC to realize euela appropriate vacuum pressure fit for a sample.

Auto jack type with vertical double helix condenser. State-of-the-art model with body renewed sophisticatedly Pursuing easy-operation, attractive new functions have been implemented! Hangzhou Boyn Instrument Co. Both NA and NB have manual slide mechanism in addition to jack mechanism.


Rotary evaporators ,Jacketed glass reactors,Single-layer glass reactors,Vacuum drying ovens,Blast drying ovens. Henan Lanphan Industry Co.

The modern centrifugal evaporation technologies are particularly useful when one has many samples to do in parallel, evaporagor in medium- to high-throughput synthesis now expanding in industry and academia. yeela

EYELA Rotary Evaporators – Doğa Limited

Xian Toption Instrument Co. Henan Touch Science Instruments Co. Haven’t found the right supplier yet? This is partly due to the fact that in such solvents, the rotart to “bump” is accentuated.

Without condenser Three different types of bath eyella You May Also Need: Retrieved from ” evapirator Low temperature cooling liquid circulating pump, Rotary evaporator ,Jacket glass reactor,magnetic stirrer,Drying Oven.

PID temperature control ensures efficient and accurate distillations every time. Stainless Rotary Evaporator 0. Extra caution must also be applied to operations with air reactive rotarg, especially when under vacuum.

This page was last edited on 18 Novemberat Rotary evaporation for high boiling hydrogen bond-forming solvents such as water is often a last recourse, as other evaporation methods or freeze-drying lyophilization are available. When referenced in the chemistry research literature, description of the use of this technique and equipment may include the phrase “rotary evaporator”, though use is often rather signaled by other language e.

Newly developed Teflon vacuum seal realizes long life and strong chemical resistance allowing for long time operation with high speed rotation. Vertical condenser is designed to prevent evaporated solvents from flowing back into flask by spilling down the capillary.

Product line-up

Shanghai Toposun Industries Co. Rotary evaporators are also used in molecular cooking for the preparation of distillates and extracts. Trade Alert Trade Alerts are FREE updates on topics such as trending hot products, buying requests and supplier information fotary sent directly to your email inbox! Jump to Catalogue Centrifugal Evaporator CVE Centrifugal evaporator with a built-in cooling coil for concentration of samples sensitive to heat.


Rotary evaporation is most often and conveniently applied to separate “low boiling” solvents such a n-hexane or ethyl acetate from compounds which are solid at room temperature and pressure.

Lab equipment,Short path distillation,Thin film evapourator,vacuum oven,incubator. The evaporation flask has been detached. Centrifugal evaporator with a built-in cooling coil for concentration of samples sensitive to heat. One touch connector nozzle and one touch cooling hose make it easy to detach cooling water circulation hose.

The coating has excellent chemical resistance and features high transparency. With double corrugated condenser — NAN N: Explosions may occur from concentrating unstable impurities during evaporation, for example when rotavapping an ethereal solution containing peroxides.

Evaporation under vacuum can also, in principle, be performed using standard organic distillation glassware — i. Batch distillation Continuous distillation Fractionating column Spinning cone. Vacuum evaporators as rotarj class function because lowering the pressure above a bulk liquid lowers the boiling points of the component liquids in it. Labfreez Instruments Hunan Co. Both NA and NB have a manual slide mechanism in addition to the jack mechanism.

Xi’an Tefic Biotech Co. It is hard to break and prevents glass and solvent dispersion even in case of glass projection. Lab equipment,Pharmaceutical equipment,Gluten machine,Falling number machine,Lab instruments. Shanghai Heqi Glassware Co.