• June 27, 2019

Add some excitement to your combat with our Critical Hit Deck for GMs. When your players suffer a critical hit pull a card from the deck for additional effe. Tired of the same old double damage? Wouldn’t you rather chop your opponent’s head off in one clean swing or put an arrow through his heart?. Paizo Inc. Critical Fumble Deck. +. Gamemastery Critical Hit Deck New Printing. + . GameMastery Condition Cards. Total price: $ Add all three to Cart.

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Was using them both for and against my PCs and my monk punched a guy so hard he forgot one of his languages. Wouldn’t you rather chop your opponent’s head off in one clean swing or put an arrow through his heart? But if the monster gets that hit on the PC, it completely changes the game – at low levels, you can be completely screwed.

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Game Mastery Critical Hit Deck | eBay

We have a copy of these for our Pathfinder game. I love these crit decks! The Best Books of Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. Use them all the time instead of regular crit hits.

This site only fosters and grows that appreciation! The problem is basically that many of the effects are long-lasting like the “permanently blinded” one above. Fantasy Fantasy Books Miscellaneous Items.

Dispatched from the UK in 1 business day When will my order arrive?


Add a review Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a review. Description Tired of the same critica, double damage? Jade Regent Paizo Staff.

Critical Hit Deck for GMs (5E)

Each one of the 52 Critical Hitcards has four different results based on weapon type, all compatible with the world’s most popular fantasy roleplaying game. Looking for beautiful books?

That’s not such a big deal when the PCs are inflicting the critical hit Gamemastery Plot Twist Cards: These include lingering damage bleedstemporary and permanent roleplaying cues, temporary conditions, attribute and skill modifications, extra attacks and, of gamemastey, additional damage! When your monsters score a critical hit, draw a random card from the deck for additional flavor and effects! Add tags Vamemastery separate by space: So, it’s a great idea, but it doesn’t really balance very well in a Pathfinder game, in our experience.

Add some Spice to your natural 20! Nice touch to have different effects on different types of damage; slashing, piercing, bludgeoning and spells. Meanwhile, because some of those effects tilt toward long-last effects, and because many are very situational what if the monster doesnt have a bite attack to losewe find that it’s almost always mechanically advantageous for the players to just take the extra damage.

Game Mastery Critical Hit Deck

Adds a lot of content to your games and will cause a lot of epic moments! Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of In principle they seemed great Also the multiple levels of cards to make sure they are not to punishing is a great idea.

GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: We really loved this at our game, added a lot of fun and a bit more interest to rolling a Nat The effects seem fairly balanced and I really appreciate having them divided by severity level so I can remove the more powerful effects at lower levels.


Everything from setbacks to deadly critical hits with various effects like blinding, stun etc.

Regarding the bite attacks and such – I just rule that anything that is literally not applicable to the creature or situation is ignored. Rated gamemastedy out of 5.

Cards are great quality and make the game more interesting and quicker than coming up with stuff on the spot. Please select a support frequency. I supported because… “Role playing games have always been an outlet for my imagination. Critical Fumble Deck Paizo Staff. Ordered these cards from the UK. Also great with keeping Players and monsters as separate decks! Rolled a critical hit? Other books in this series. deckk

You must be logged in to post a review. Legacy of Fire Christophe Swal. Each card features a different effect based on damage type: Have you used the critical fumble deck as well? Description Additional information Reviews 9 Description When your monsters score a critical hit, draw a random card from the yamemastery for additional flavor and effects!

First card our DM drew was for quad damage on another PC. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki.