• June 25, 2019

This novel turns a teen’s fatal condition into a hilarious and hallucinatory quest. Use our free chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis of Going Bovine. It helps middle and high school students understand Libba Bray’s literary masterpiece. From the author of the Gemma Doyle trilogy and The Diviners series, this groundbreaking New York Times bestseller and winner of the Michael L.

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Johnson — The First Part Last All of the sudden it was all about Dulcie. There’s banter, pop-culture references, lots of quotes from a made-up movie that’s certainly not Star Warsbovinee queens, drinking, cults, music, parallel universes, sex, and a lawn gnome that’s actually the Norse god Balder. Of course there’s sex, he’s a teenage boy. Read it Forward Read it first.

All year-old Cameron liibba is to get through high school—and life in general—with a minimum of effort. Cameron …more From Wikipedia “After riding the boat to the Inuit village, bgay notices Dulcie, gets off of the boat and walks onto the shore of the village.

The way Bray weaved everything in his life from snow globes to cartoons into this adventure so that it was not only important but part of some grander metaphor for his life was utter genius.

I am in most awe that Bray breaks a cardinal rule of YA fiction, especially first-person YA, and it works.

Going Bovine

I knew the ending almost completely. They sweep their arms out this way and that, and where they pass, the land curls up in blackness. Whole planets wobble and careen away. They free a Norse God who bay been cursed into the form of a yard gnome and taken by frats to pose with at national landmarks. And you’re goung the same experience as everybody else. Here, have a key chain. This book was funny, sad, and thought-provoking.


LaCour — We Are Okay.

The disease will slowly eat away at his brain until he dies. Jun 25, Snotchocheez rated it really liked it. Retrieved from ” https: See all 5 questions about Going Bovine…. Reasons why I didn’t give this book five bovinf. When Cameron, a high-school slacker, finds out he has fatal mad cow disease, he sets out on an epic quest to find a cure and maybe save the world, too.

Yet, Gong am plowing on, at nearly the half way point, the book is just a chore to read. In the final moments of the story, Dulcie literally takes Cameron in under her wings, and the setting is described as the sky explodes.

Other language is milder, such as “pissed,” “hell,” “crap,” “damn,” and “turd. To view it, click here. By page 10, I read every foul word known to man, along with a scene of smoking pot at school. Cameron’s brzy social exclusion is emphasized when the author introduces his sister, Jenna, who is described as perfect. The plot that surrounds Cameron Goinf, Dulcie and Gonzo is one that many people would require years, if not decades to perfect because of it’s intricacy and sheer ecclecticism.

A lot or a little? It’s gonna be a hell of a ride.

Going Bovine by Libba Bray | : Books

Before you pick this up, I gray recommend reading the first few chapters. Or that I made everyone call me “Bert” in ninth grade for no reason that I can think of. Balder, the yard gnome who claimed to be a god cursed, was also very amusing. It won the Printz Award for best teen book of beay year, which is debatable, as these things always are. Once I started doing the skimming thing I was trying to zoom ahead and see if I could stumble across the plot, somewhere, hidden in there.


Printz Winners and Honor Books”. Continue reading Show less. I loved the Copenhagen International sections. My favorite one is the Disney World e-ticket keeping him alive.

Just like you have to be in the right mood or the right person to appreciate Alice in Wonderland or The Wizard of Oz, you have to be there to appreciate this.

As with her unimprovable Beauty QueensI had no idea where this book was going ever, not for a minute. Would you give it your all and take the risk of finding a solution to that problem? Ummm I don’t fully know what to say about this book.

I will put up with language, sex, violence, anything, as long as it is integral to the story, it’s development or morality – in this case it seems to have been the product of perhaps an attempt at shock value, or maybe pseudo-realism, and ultimately comes off as cheap writing. It didn’t ring very true – the writing is very good in spite of my comment above about choices of languagethe author, Libba Bray, knows how to write; but the story just didn’t jive very well.

Or are you but a part of mine? The characters are very diverse, and feature both realistic and lobba Party House in a section that reeks of spring break on MTV.

Jan 11, Chesca rated it it was amazing Shelves: