• June 20, 2019

The Goldilocks Bakebook is a collection of recipes of the most well-loved Goldilocks products, honed and perfected through the years. It is a lovingly crafted gift. The company’s loving heritage is embodied in the Goldilocks Bakebook, which reveals not only their recipes but their entrepreneurial secrets. LOOK: Sans Rival recipe from Goldilocks Bakebook. US Bureau / PM April 21, SANS RIVAL. SANS RIVAL Recipe with Sansrival.

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Pineapple Upside Down Cake.

Glad I chanced upon your site before buying it. This means, I did something right. Have you tried their recipes yet? April 10, at 9: December 8, at 4: This is in connection with our economics subject. bakfbook

Pinay Plate – Cooking & Baking from Goldilocks Bake Book

Maybe because I baked it… Continue reading Its Ensaymada again! Now its more buttery and fluffy. May 27, at 9: I replied to him that I am following the goldilocks bakebook recipe. January 13, at 6: Well it turned out that my goldilocks recipe leche flan as super nice, creamy smooth to the taste.


I admire how Milagros Leelin-Yee and Clarita Leelin-Gothe founders of Goldilocks, decided to reveal their closely guarded secret recipes on what made Goldilocks the most-loved pasalubongpang-regalo and pambaon brand in the Philippines.

I should have used my old recipe – RR. Thank you for the review.

Goldilocks Secrets Revealed!

Goldilocks is a friend of Our Awesome Planet. Tuesday, May 29, Goldilocks cookbook review. Anonymous March 28, at 2: Posted by imelda etchetera etchetera at 2: Totally waste of time buying the book and trying it out.

I tried one of the recipes, the butter loaf to be exact. Pictures are pictures, the outcome will be different, if not a disaster.

LOOK: Sans Rival recipe from Goldilocks Bakebook

I have the book and tried one of the recipes. I actually find this book somehow amazing.

We love the fresh lumpia and so much adore the choco roll, mocha roll and the polvoron. Almost every Filipino in our current generation grew up with Goldilocks.


Anonymous January 7, at I have paired it with our dinner — Grilled squid and Ginataang Puso ng saging…super yummy! Hi, Anyone know where I can get a copy?

Thank you and God bless. November 17, at 3: The recipe is very easy to follow and simple.

LOOK: Sans Rival recipe from Goldilocks Bakebook

Now I know I am not missing anything for not buying it. I’m visiting Manila and just saw this at National Bookstore. November 19, at August 26, at I’m an experienced baker but It was a disaster.

I am still going to try the other recipes in the book going to proofread first though. He is quite surprised that I have baked the flans and not steamed it.