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REBEL GROT MOB + BUGGY ROSTERS . Gorkamorka knows ‘ow, but da Diggas live under da Pyramids. .. blank roster sheets in the Gorkamorka box. A GorkaMorka roster sheet for gangers and vehicles in an Excel Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will automatically calculate your total gang cost. A good roster sheet but doesn’t fit on A4 paper if printed. Reply from IBBoard: Being ‘intelligent’, the roster was originally designed to be used on a computer and.

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Rosetr was awkward but we had a lot of fun. A Feral Ork mob must have 1 Weirdboy, no more, no less. Well done, that ork.

If there is a major disaster, look for it next Halloween: The Boyz set out across the desert to find out! This years Halloween scenario gorkamorla had to fall by the way-side as it was simply too complex to be finished on such short notice. Some of the larger ones can also be traversed by mounts, allowing one to rain fire down from the roof tops.

Randomly determine any model on the Squiggoth except the driver. Howe starts moving towards the edge of the board rostdr his scrap, keeping an eye on the trukk in the distance. Deaths of Warriors Just as with rostre mobs, if a Feral Ork dies all of his equipment is lost and cannot be re-allocated to another model see “Death of a Warrior”, page 68 of Da Uvver Book.

He built his workshop around the scrap and gained a reputation for making quality vehicle gubbinz, using his superior pile of scrap to make them da shootiest and da loudest.

He receives a S4 hit. Given how deadly melee can be, this can also be an excellent way to put Dust Rats out of action.

Updating Mob Roster – GORKAMORKA – Da WAAAGH

Therefore, when I tackled doing some additional rules for Gorkamorka, it seemed logical to focus on the two aspects of the game I felt were lacking; Klans and gang differentiation. Until he becomes a Nob your leader cannot attempt to buy custom jobs as the Meks refuse to deal with someone of such low status. When a Brute dies as a result of battle, the pecking order is almost immediately re-established.


Whenever a scenario allows the use of a vehicle, the Snortas get two warriors instead, plus any extra warriors allowed. A Finga in every pie.

If one mob bottled out, the other gains an extra 2D6 teef stripping the carcass for tasty meat if they leave a Yorkamorka or equivalent unit to strip it. On November 6th Games Workshop are going to be rolling out their fancy new Dark Eldar modelswhich is rather timely as ScottM96 recently wrote a set of rules to let you field a mob of Dark Eldar in Gorkamorka. During buzinezz times, Abak is accompanied by his two boyz who will shake down other Orks who default on their payments and his custom Snazzgun is never far from his reach.

Updating Mob Roster…

See the section on Weirdboyz later on for a detailed description. This scenario is based on part of Mad Max 2: Squishy Bitz — 10 1 Buck! Pages Battle Reports Scenarios Terrain. It is immobilised and crippled. Fickies in such a group cannot Hide or go on Overwatch as the others will give gorkamoeka away, distract them, or just generally make a nuisance of themselves. Their snarling snapping seet often maul anyone foolish enough to stand too close. This power can only be used at the start of a turn before any movement takes place but still gorrkamorka the shooting phase of the casting Weirdboy.

While the end result is far from what any animal trainer would call tame, the beast will at least tolerate being ridden long enough to occasionally be an asset in combat.

No one knows who they were let alone how to contact them! A combination of blood loss, organ damage and general mistreatment have caused the Squiggoth to die. Close Combat Squig are brutal in close combat and give the Rider an additional attack in melee combat.

When Eternal Vigilance plummeted through the atmosphere and the poor souls inside the fragmenting ship clung on for dear life, containment breaches of the reactor cores and waste tanks happened, mixing into the ruptured water supply. Shooting at Squig Riderz: Meat Squigs can feed a Mob for a whole week. The reason for that is that except for a few minor things the game mechanics themselves are identical — for now.


Picking up and gorakmorka Scrap Counters Riderz gorksmorka stop for a turn to pick up Scrap just like Muties, they suffer no movement penalty for carrying it and may only carry one counter.

GorkaMorka Roster Sheets

Remarkably, the grunt puts up a good fight, holding the burly freebooter at bay and drawing combat. The blow gorkamorrka the legs has sent the Squiggoth off balance. The Feral Orks have almost none of the genetic mechanical knowledge that Mektown Orks have and as far as can be told, no Mekboyz have ever appeared in their society, seemingly replaced by an overabundance of Weirdboyz.

Hunting and foraging in the fungus groves is not a particularly safe pursuit, particularly when the surrounding flora has a longer attention span than most of the fauna.

The only sort of infighting a Snorta Mob can suffer from is a Leadership challenge. Snortas are treated exactly like a normal Ork mob when deciding which scenario to play. The following things cause this amusing event: While trukks, traks and buggies rely on their crew to inflict most of the damage, Feral Orks struggle to keep the Squiggoths from causing too much. Before it fades out of action? Community Forum Software by IP.

The Spike Kannon exists in many ways, shapes and forms and unsurprisingly, with varying results. The other models are finished but not fully painted yet, although the vehicles are a different matter. The goroamorka are up, with Steerrraaagh! Picking up and carrying Scrap Counters: If you prefer to get your hands dirty, a blank grid is provided too.