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DOWNLOAD GUNWITCH METHOD gunwitch method pdf & Repairing Notebook, Palmtop, & Pen Computers: A Technician’s Guide – · Comment. Gunwitch has been in the community and a teacher since the days of MASF, The Game, Mystery, and. His method, dubbed “Gunwitch Method,” is incredibly powerful, centered around the use . The Ultimate Guide on How to Get a Girl Back. Gunwitch method guide Snippets, Search Engines and Repositories This is not the manufacturer original CD or a copy of it.

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Sexual state is THE most important thing you will learn from this guide. But I’ve had success with it.

Since touch is the first step in getting her comfortable with you as a sexual creature, you want to sneak this in slowly. It demonstrates, “I am not afraid to touch women, because women metohd to be touched by me”, to her inner workings.

Gunwitch method. THE way to get LAID.

One thing ill mfthod here. The rest has to be filled in to each specific encounter and takes a little practice and time to get ingrained into you. Kinda the “only people I fall in love with don’t love me back” syndrome, so common these days. I have of course gotten some 10s in my day, but that’s just the deviation, as women higher than 6 would be for Example Guy 1.

It is a waste of time and energy to brag, as everyone can see it when someone does it, and takes the claims made as lies, even if they are true. It is a good thing for her to know you gunwitcj sex, without you being tacky and verbalizing it making her reject you because of her societal conditioning mentioned earlier.

Today, religion, moral conduct, and societal expectations cannot RULE the female sex fuide, nor her instincts and her desires by force.


gunwitch method

Joined Oct 23, Messages 56 Likes 4. However, she will most times “make you wait” or want to “date” first in this context. Everyone should read this through several times till they get it. In public this isn’t so easy, they will think you are weird if they catch you watching them. Well stop it if you do.

Joined May 28, Messages Likes 3. Just get to know each other as you convey your sexual state, and watch for hers to appear. Engetsu Senior Don Juan Jan 26, Simply gguide into the sexual state will usually encompass the above behaviours inside of itself. Imagine you are talking to a former or current girlfriend in a bed and about to have sex.

Eternal Master Don Juan Jan 26, Of course you might buy a good friend accompanied to a bar a drink, but would you really buy a male stranger a drink? Gunwtich Nov 16, Messages 1, Likes 2. You MUST make an effort.

To further explicate, consider the following. Joined Dec 7, Messages 5, Likes 6. By itself, it can come across as a little bit creepy. Introduce yourself at some point with your FULL name, first and last. I commonly get snubbed, the cold shoulder ect or overall rejected with the women I have sex with right away, but I just persist and eventually things take a turn. The same dynamic I just wrote about will cause women to stalk you and demand relationships, if you aren’t ready for one be prepared to say “get lost” a lot.

Tough slog for that though.

This is the best verbal technique I’ve come across yet. Read the 22 Rules for Massive Success with Women. Originally posted by Gunwitch Section Forums New posts Search forums. Take her to the dance floor, ask her to another part of the club to shoot pool or talk “its quieter over there”. In this free video training below, he’ll show you how he does it: Because deep inside her brain, sexual desire has nothing to do with what you LOOK like Truly is a good guide.


You just haven’t verbally connected yet or found out anything about each other. Stand up comedians are often natural entertainers because they have learned that their poor looks can be accepted that way. Of course it works a little less on strangers than a girlfriend, as they don’t yet see you as a sexual outlet except by virtue of being a man and having a penis.

We wanna work with what looks we have and move them in the right directions for sex better than other guys, not create a non sexual rapport with jokes and funny stories. Since, I have trained men who were FAT, ugly, average and good looking to do the same things I do and gotten them laid FAST without much study at all or any improvement to their looks. THIS is when the iron is hot, and you must strike while that iron is hot.

ALWAYS do this as soon as you see a woman you find attractive and eventually the state you will go into when seeing a woman will be one of —sexual- state, rather than panic or fear of meeting her.

By becoming attractive it was easier for me to methhod how to convey that I was. Or, if you’ve got balls of steel, sit down and try it out.

Gunwitch method. THE way to get LAID. | SoSuave Discussion Forum

I think the basic message to all of this is a simple one that has been said here again and again – be confident, know what you want, and go get it.

Your friends are not there, and they will never know. Effort scale amount of women approached and overall drive to ensure sex with them: