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Mental Chemistry – Charles F Haanel In Mental Chemistry you will discover exactly how you and your thoughts and perceptions shape the world around you . MENTAL CHEMISTRY By Charles F. Haanel MENTAL CHEMISTRY Chemistry is the science which treats of the intra-atomic or the intra-molecular changes. Mental Chemistry by Charles F. Haanel – Here are the secrets to Mental Chemistry; in this book you will learn how to improve your life by removing some kinds of.

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It takes form according to the mental demand. Thought dropped into this substance causes vibrations which in turn unite with similar vibrations and react upon the thinker.

Mental Chemistry | FREE

Each form of its activity becomes more perfect by practice. Sensi rated it it was amazing Nov 11, The perspiration of men in various mental moods was analyzed, and the resultant salts experimented with. He must practice daily, must concentrate his thoughts upon his fingers, consciously making the chemisgry movements. Therefore it is only necessary to have a certain number of thoughts on a given subject in order to bring about a complete mehtal in the physical organization of a man.

Food, water and air are usually considered to be the three essential elements necessary to sustain life. Spirit is the creative principle of the Universe, as a part must be the same in kind and quality as the whole, and can differ only in degree, thought must be creative also.

There is nothing strange or supernatural about this; it simply the Law of Being, the thoughts which take root in the mind will certainly produce fruit after their kind. Sound must exist— otherwise there could be no ear.

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Perfect understanding, because it solves every problem of life. The vegetable cell colloidhas power to draw to itself from earth, air, and water whatever energies it needs for its growth. The individual may, however, bring the power into manifestation and as the possible combinations of thought are infinite, the results are seen in an infinite variety of conditions and experiences.


To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Individuality is a real power inherent in baanel and the development and consequent expression of this power enables one to assume the responsibility of directing his own footsteps rather than stampeding after some self- assertive bell-wether.

It is the link between matter and spirit, between our consciousness and the Cosmic-Consciousness.

Mental Chemistry – Charles F Haanel

The same thought will always be followed by the same consequence, and no other thought will serve the purpose. Experiments with parasites found on plants indicate that even the lowest order of life makes use of mental chemistry. Make the experiment yourself Sit right where you are. The sun, the moon, the starts are chemistey held in their respective positions because of harmony.

Mental Chemistry

It is not an objective faculty but a subjective process. It can go only where it is attracted, and therefore required. In music the sound represents and interprets the musician’s spirit. Plasm or protoplasm, is, as Huxley rightly said, the physical basis of organic life; to speak more precisely, it is a chemical compound of carbon that alone accomplishes the various processes of life.

Haanel practiced the financial principles he preached and was a self made success who owned several major companies.

And that same spirit, working in future ages through brains infinitely superior to any that we can now conceive, will establish real harmony on this planet. In the batteries is generated electricity. The Principle of Attraction operates to bring to us only what may be to our advantage.

By concentration men have made the connection between the finite and the Infinite, the limited and the Unlimited, the visible and the Invisible, the personal and the Impersonal. It may be gained by degrees and put into practice as fast as learned.


Nowhere can we find more absolute sacrifice of the lives of the individuals to the general welfare of haael than we do in the cell republic. The reason we have not manifested more faith haanl because of lack of understanding.

Consciousness is the inner, and Thought is the outward expression of power. Mntal we have fhemistry result— a man learned in the lore of observation far above his fellow. Denise rated it really liked it Mar 16, So with your energy; if you want it to act on the creative plane, you will have to begin by melting the ice with the fire of imagination, and you will find the stronger the fire, and the more ice you melt, the more powerful your thought will become, and the easier it will be for you to materialize your desire.

Memtal the chemisrry and the material world as you see it with the genius that dwells in the brain of the great painter and the works which the painter has to do.

We set it into activity by that which we think. Life is an orderly advancement, governed by the “Law of Attraction. It is only destructive processes, such as earthquakes and catastrophies, that employ force.

Those who establish within themselves the requisite elements of true success have established confidence, organized victory, and it only remains for them to take such steps from time to time as the newly -awakened thought force will direct, and herein rests the magical secret of all power.