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Hatshepsut’s Expedition to Punt: Its Purpose and Commemoration. In travelling to Punt, the Queen of Egypt was paying homage to a foreign land and a foreign. Hatshepsut, meaning Foremost of Noble Ladies, was the fifth pharaoh of the . This trading expedition to Punt was roughly during Hatshepsut’s nineteenth year . The walls of the great temple in Karnak depicted the story of an expedition of impressive ships to the mysterious land known as Punt.

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Chico Chang wrote on 25 August, – The exception is a splendid one, and of great historic and archeological value, being an object of no less importance haatshepsut the throne-chair of this great Queen.

The elucidation of this piece of family genealogy is very valuable, inasmuch as it shows Hatasu to have been but half-sister to her two brothers, while it at the same time emphasizes the inferior rank of the elder prince, and the vastly inferior rank of the younger.

The admirable accuracy with which these fish are drawn compensates for the incongruity of their proportions as compared with those of the crew of the vessel. Hatshepust, the claim by Amon that he had made the people of Punt love Hatshepsut, strongly suggests that she was present in the country. These basilisks are erect, face to face, their tails forming a continuous coil down to the rise of the hoof.

The first batshepsut of inscriptions describe the preparations made for the expedition and the departure from Thebes of the ships. The ceremony at the Temple of Amen being concluded, the expedition is rowed across the Nile in a flotilla of State galleys, and proceeds to render homage to Hathor in that part of the temple at Dayr-el-Bahari over which she especially presides.

This superb structure is architecturally unlike any other temple in Egypt. Next, the Egyptians and the Puntites are shown loading gifts onto the Egyptian ships, which then depart for their own country. Adobe Photoshop CS2 Windows. Taken in isolation, this might be interpreted as a personal statement of the t, and that is expeditiln how Velikovsky presented it in Ages in Chaos. Her throne-chair, carried hatshepsuf twelve bearers, brings up the rear.

Yet, despite his usurpation, these sculptured fragments are still ot property of Hatasu. They are seen from both banks of the Nile, and when Punf arises betwixt them as he journeys upward from the heavenly horizon, they flood the two Egypts with the glory of their brightness. Hereupon, having regard to the interests of the empire and to the further consolidation of family ties, Hatasu wedded her little daughter to the younger of her two half-brothers. Quite apart from the fact that this seems to locate Punt beside Byblos, in Lebanon, it also suggests that the mysterious land hasthepsut have been no great distance from Egypt.


Expesition artistic license has been interpreted by some researchers as implying these ships were not watertight and, by extension, were really developed rafts rather than displacement craft. We can reasonably conclude that the Egyptians had extensive experience with displacement craft from at least the time of building the Pyramids and that Hapshepsut would have had the benefit of earlier experiences with the sea worthiness of ships to draw upon for the design of her craft.

A huge heap of myrrh, two trays of massive gold rings, and a pile of elephant-tusks are brought by Parihu, probably as a farewell bakhshish to the envoy himself. The Ships of Antiquity Ancient Ships in art history: Her hair, like that of her daughter, is bound with a fillet on the brow. She therefore resolved herself to despatch an expedition to the Somali coast; and for this purpose she built and fitted out five ships, the largest and the best equipped yet built on the banks of the Nile.

Over the saplings which are being carried in baskets, is inscribed Nehet Ana; that is to say, the Sycamore of Ana.

Out for War or A Shopping Trip? Why Hatshepsut Traveled to the Kingdom of Punt | Ancient Origins

Egyptian art gives us evidence for the use of wooden boats from at least as early as the beginning of the fourth millennium BCE on scraps of papyrus which show part of a sickle shaped hull in which the paddlers appear to be sitting inside the boat rather than on of it, as would be the case if the boat was a reed raft. These gifts consist of bead necklaces, bracelets, collars, a hatchet, and a dagger of state. The trunks and branches of the other three are most carefully drawn.

The secretary bird lives only in the African open grasslands and savannah, it is listed among the birds found in SudanEthiopiaEritreaDjiboutiand Somaliathe bird is not found in Arabia. The bird flying to left is identified with the Cinnyris metallicaa native of the Somali country, having two long tail-feathers, of which only one has been given by the ancient Egyptian artist.

It is also believed that Punt had an oracle who was respected by the female pharaoh.

Hatshepsut’s Expedition to Punt: Its Purpose and Commemoration

Notify me when new comments are posted. The tomb of Queen Hatasu was discovered by Mr. At the close of the exhibition it was presented by Mr. The overall impression then, as presented in the surviving inscriptions and illustrations at Deir el Bahri, is that Hatshepsut sent an expedition of her servants to Punt, who presented the natives with a few trinkets, and who were given, in return, fabulously wealthy treasures, which were transported back to Egypt with the tl of Puntite sailors.


It was equivalent to the act of coronation, and probably was in general accompanied by some such ceremony. Nonetheless, her journey to that country, to the court of a foreign king, could not be openly portrayed on her funerary monument without some degree of humiliation.

One of these reads: On the 1 st January of every year, many countries around hatsgepsut world celebrate the beginning of a new year.

The ship building experience gained from building these types of freighters for the transportation of large scale hatshepsit materials could have easily been transposed to the technologies applied in the building of sea-going vessels.

Maspero has pointed out various reasons to show that we are here on the banks of a river. Apparently for years the Pharaohs had been dealing with middle men to acquire trade commodities coming to them from the east and south through the Red Sea and eastern desert trade routes Between Luxor and the Red Sea.

Ancient Ships: The Ships of Antiquity

The steersman is stationed at the stern, and holds in his hand the long curved handle by which the helm is worked. Retrieved 14 June Hatasu has presumably been carried to the Temple of Amen, where she is seen in the next tableau standing, staff in hand, in the full costume of a Pharaoh, face to face with Amen enthroned. And we surely cannot accept the claim of the inscriptions that the Egyptians gave the Puntites mere trinkets and received in return from them the treasures and the secrets of their own country.

The sail, which here appears as though parallel with the length of the vessel, should, of course, be set at an angle expevition it; but the naval draughtsman of Hatasu’s time was as anxious to display every part of his subject pnut was his jatshepsut the figure-painter, who represented a front-wise body in conjunction with profile legs and head.