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  • June 27, 2019

Organizations across the world are gaining control of their energy spending by measuring and managing their utilities. In doing so, they may be using standards . BS ISO BSI Standards Publication Energy management systems — Measuring energy performance using energy baselines (EnB). (PER) et d’indicateurs de performance énergétique (IPÉ) — Principes généraux et lignes directrices. STANDARD. ISO. First edition.

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The energy performances achieved by the enterprises as the result ido ISO implementation should be appropriately determined based on a valid baseline and energy performance indicator. However, energy variables related to the measperformance improvement ures being included. EnBs are quantitative references used to compare EnPI values over time and to quantify changes in energy performance. This standard is not included in any packages. Information on standards We can provide you with the knowledge that your organization needs to succeed.

The measurement system tracks system specific power and energy consumption. Typically, statistical methods such as linear regression are used to normalize or model energy consumption with respect to relevant variables.

Each member body iwo in a subject for which a technical committee has been established has the right to be represented on that committee. You may find similar items within 50006 categories by selecting from the choices below:. Size px x x x x Short EnB durations may also be necessary for situations in which there is an insufficient quantity of reliable, appropriate or available historical data e.

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The following describes a method to assess whether a variable significantly affects energy consumption. On occasion after maintenance activities, staff members forget to place the compressors in the remote control position, allowing one or more of the units to run unloaded for extended periods. The energy baseline is also used for calculation of energy savings, as a reference before and after implementation of energy performance improvement actions. Auth with social network: The work of preparing International Standards is normally carried out through ISO technical committees.


Since two production izo have quite different SEC, they select energy consumption per value of production energy intensity as the facility level EnPI.

In such cases, the target boundary should be divided into several EnPI boundaries. This method divides a boundary into sub-boundaries and models them according to their status.

Energy consumption should be measured and calculated by using data over a specific period of time. For example, a factory with multiple activities might need to submit a single EnPI value to meet a government programme requirement. If some outlying measurements are excluded, care should be taken that this does not introduce bias into the EnPI or corresponding EnB.

When models are used, the validly of the EnB can be determined using statistical tests such as the P-Value, F-Test or the coefficient of determination to determine if the statistical model has been best fitted from the data.


Product is would then be a static factor. Management representative may use all of the EnPIs the organization uses. Troubleshooting — A producer of gypsum board has a permanent measuring system connected to its compressed air system. To read more about Compressed Air Standards, please visit www.

The organization should select an adequate data collection frequency for each energy consumption and relevant variable included 5000 the EnPI and the corresponding EnB. The organization should take measurements for each energy value and relevant variable necessary to calculate the selected EnPIs and the corresponding EnBs. This website is best viewed with browser version of up to Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox 3.

This international standard supports ISO and assists teams in defining indicators that might help manage the performance of systems that might be SEUs in a facility.

Using the values of relevant variables during future time periods in the model will give predicted or estimated values for energy consumption. The organization should also predetermine the rules and methods that will be used see 3.

As part of the EnMS, significant energy uses SEUs are identified by looking at relevant data captured by measurement systems. General principles and guidance. The frequency with which an organization acquires data is an important factor in determining a suitable baseline period. In this case, the EnB is set for one year of daily sio. In each case, the information can be represented graphically or in tables. Need 50060 than one copy?


BS ISO 50006:2014

Energy consumption can be represented in volume and mass flow or weight units fuel or converted into units that are multiples of joules or watt-hours e. When organizations use estimated values to calculate EnPIs and the corresponding EnBs, they should document their assumptions and methods. For the purposes of this International Standard, energy refers to the various forms of energy, including renewable, which can be purchased, stored, treated, used in equipment or in a process, or recovered.

This standard is also available to be included in Standards Subscriptions. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document including any amendments applies.

For example, if energy consumption is due to heating, the consumption will increase during the cooler winter months. Energy performance is a broad concept which is related to energy consumption, energy use and energy efficiency. Engineering based theory can be applied where complex relationships exist between energy consumption and relevant variables that cannot be accurately captured with regression.

Specification with guidance for the validation and verification of greenhouse gas assertions also ISO in preparation — Determination of energy savings in organizations EN — Energy Efficiency Benchmarking. The energy baseline s shall be maintained and recorded. This is called data collection frequency. We need your help!

Requirements with guidance for use. Detailed results may be better suited for the engineers in order to find opportunities for establishing energy performance improvement actions. There are many approaches and techniques for organizations to calculate and express energy performance.