• June 21, 2019

The domain: is online and should be working. The SourceForge site has a support page for the software but it’s currently incomplete. Editing clips is the bread and butter of all movie creation, so starting with that in Jahshaka seems to fit. One can realistically work with many. So I downloaded the Jahshaka editor but I have no idea how to use it (or even how to import footage) and I can’t find a user’s manual. Anyone.

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Jahshaka people call it the Render button, but so many people get frustrated like me on finding it because there is no button that says Render.

To move the borders later, you can use the green arrows to the left and right of these details, but this is not true if you actually cut something. No matter which distribution you use, you need to fulfill a few dependencies for the software: Jahshaka always applies editing steps to the currently selected clip, which is displayed in a slightly darker color than the inactive clips jahshakka the “In Focus” box.

Email Required, but never shown. Start by going back to the Project tab and clicking Tracks For more details on OpenAL, check out the project website [5]. Jahshaka Player Get up and running with the Jahshaka Player, and experience your virtual worlds exactly as end users will see them, with support for leading VR hardware. Or even their website? If you have a newer distribution, you might need to mahshaka uninstall the packages. Jahshaka is powerful, but the lack of documentation, along with the quirky and overloaded interface, makes the initial steps difficult for newcomers.

The next obstacle occurs immediately after launching the program. I went to the SourceForge page, and clicked on the link to their website.

Position the white pin on the first frame after the scene you would like to remove, then press I. Also, you need to ensure that 3D acceleration is enabled for your graphics card. Ambo 5 While the open souerce pipe dream mateializes, you might want to take a look at mambaFX http: For this next section we are going to concentrate solely on the timeline part, which is where most of the editing action happens.


You can then check the results in the preview. It isn’t up yet, but I will check back later. The Mode setting is used to specify where to put the new material; Jahshaka will Append to Track by default.

The green time specs next to In and Out tell you when the parts you cut start and end in the raw material. When working with the current version, keep this in mind and save your projects regularly. The feature list sounds more like an excerpt from a catalog for an expensive real-time editing system. There is also this really cool program that we have a forum about… open source, well developed, and still in use right now.

Users with Fedora Core will find a binary package on SourceForge [2]. You have your typical timeline on the bottom, the media on your left, and the, uhh In Audio Resamplingyou can set the audio frequency with which you recorded raw material. Notice the green numbers beside the labels In and Out.

I’ll show you what they mean by the Render button highlighted in yellow. Now you need to add another one. The quickest way to do this is to call glxgears in a terminal window. Kino, a tool that many distributions include, is a good choice. Usually, one would go through trial and error with videos of different formats and run it through all of the different effects inside the program to see if the video format is stable enough, but since you most likely don’t want to do that, I’ll suggest mpegs for the videos, png’s for the pictures, and wav’s for the sounds.

Anytime you load a file, you are only creating a reference to the original media, not a new copy, which is incredibly awesome for saving space.


Let’s apply a fade-in effect to the vacation movie, which is just the right kind of effect if you change locations. Click on the Editing tab. Is this still out there?? To correct this scene by cutting, again move the white pin to the point where you would like to cut and press S.

Jahshaka Tutorials Our training and help section. The buttons on the left Desktop through Text CG are for fast access to individual modules. I think is a powerful piece of software for compositing and special FX Is quite affordable and runs on Linux and Windows only.

Download – Jahshaka

This splits the clip into two halves. One of the first things you notice about the free video-editing software Jahshaka is its unconventional controls. I might check into it some more. Clicking on Tidy tidies up the desktop by aligning the individual scenes in a grid.

To apply the effect slightly later, just use the pin to mark the starting position and cut the start of the effect by pressing I. The latter is also recommended for long-term archiving because it uses lower image data compression rates. Binary packages of Jahplayer are available from SourceForge [2].

Let’s start by removing the camera wobble. I would still like to learn how this software works, so if you guys could help me out that would be great!

Jahshaka Tutorials

To tidy up, just drag the two candidates to another location on the desktop and jahshaia them there. It’s highlighted in red. I’d love it to be an active project, but I’d say you’ll get more out of investigating using something like blender for post: Tutorials on the Jahshaka site can help, although they might not reflect the latest stage of development.