• June 22, 2019

Plum Spooky () is a novel by Janet Evanovich starring the fictional character Stephanie Plum. It is one of four holiday novellas in the series that star the. Plum Lovin’ is a novel by Janet Evanovich. It is the 14th book in the Stephanie Plum series. In this Valentine’s Day between the numbers novella bounty. Klutzy bounty hunter Stephanie Plum teams up with mysterious Diesel Janet Evanovich, Author, Lorelei King, Read by, read by Lorelei King.

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There’s injuries via staple guns, rioting monkeys, Lula’s wedding antics, an actual grin from Ranger!

And Evanovich is losing her grip on her characters I think. It’s sort jnet romance mystery where it’s a “day in the life of Stephanie” and her associated capers. And although my main man Ranger did have a decent role in this considering it was a Diesel bookI didn’t get the feel I really love the Plum series, however this book was a big disappointment.

Stephanie Plum is back in town, along with her sidekick Lula, her Grandma Mazur, and an ever-widening cast of freaks, criminals, deranged felons, and lunatics looking for love. Join in the discussions!


Plum Lovin’ – Wikipedia

Her deadbeat ex-husband is on a beach in Santa Barbara plm hasn’t sent child support in over a year. First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at https: Rounding out the bunch is a guy whose farts set his ass aflame. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. And – even in a supernatural book – to give the monkey such a personality and communication skill was too much. About Me For those new to nanet or my reviews I very much enjoy Evanovich’s humor, Stephanie’s escapades, Lula’s one-liners, sexy Ranger, evxnovich Morelli and even enjoy the mysterious Diesel in these books.

Carl, the monkey, was a hoot! That ruined his strong character for me. More Carl, I so wasn’t expecting that!

Annie Hart has five cases that Stephanie and Diesel work their way through while they hunt down Bernie Beaner.

I liked the Carl parts. Tank moving to an old lady house for the sake of 3 cats?

And, somehow whenever Diesel is around Morelli is only available by phone. I will say that this is one of the funniest books I have read! How did I miss this? My least favorite part: And, I evanovicu think Ranger might consider her more of a comic relief person than a girl he’s attracted to. There are the usual disasters with Plum’s vehicles, a mini tempest between Spooiy and Tank, her cat loving boyfriend, car chases, explosions, food fights, monkey experiments, barium, rockets and a plot to control the weather.


Add to that Carl the monkey and Tank with cats.

It was gooooood stuff. I understand both of these guys.

I really love the Plum series, however this book was a big disappointment. Stephanie sure gets herself in to a bunch of problems.


Jul 01, Jen rated it it was ok. Irritating and frustrating to realise that Evanovich is just going to keep these characters going with no end in sight. This article does not cite any sources. Other books in the series. As is always the case in these half-books of the series, Diesel shows up in Stephanie’s apartment.

Many thanks to their original creators. To ask other readers questions about Plum Spookyplease sign up.