JBL 4412 PDF

  • June 20, 2019

They fall short of the stature of the ‘s though. I’ve also worked with JBL A’s extensively. They use a different cabinet design and different drivers. Find great deals for JBL Studio Monitor A Pair. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for JBL a Pair Three Way Loud Speakers Studio Monitors. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Which one has better stereo image? Changing the foam every years jbo so should keep them correctly damped, so no shrillness. Never missed the adjustments, they always just sound right.

Taking apart an Ti can be done, but they were not designed to be easy to disassemble. Never missed it, in fact my pair has been “ruggedized” with truck-bed coating.

Mine have been charge-coupled as well, which makes for a more revealing, smoother sound.

JBL Floorstanding Speakers user reviews : 5 out of 5 – 7 reviews –

I totally disagree with all that think the A is a better speaker. I possd a pair for a year or jb, I know them well In this case, there is the legal tender that will not fawn Submitted vertical Given the complexities of room acoustics, your listening position and the interplay between all that and your ears, all potential theory, especially when mixing even speakers from the same manufacturer and same era or even series can be difficult to predict ahead of time, jb sometimes even harder to understand under use conditions.


This evolution involved a fairly 412 gain in neutrality gnrale in stamps, the sound is more noble, more refined more versatile, it may cost all kinds jvl music including classical o TRS will be comfortable, including string instruments Without other means like room measurement, RTA, spectrum analyzers, room correction software, you will have to use more empirical methods to evaluate the gear you have and the potential for improvements in what you’re listening or looking for.

Which model is more clinical? If blind folded I doubt majority of the people could tell the difference. Do you already have an account?

JBL 4412 Floorstanding Speakers

Well, I can’t, 44122 of the upgraded paint job was rounding the corners a bit to cut down on refraction, since I can’t soffit mount them. James Hart and Kreshna like this. I’m going to re-veneer my JBL Ti’s anyway, so I could use the same veneer for the single A that will be used as center for the Ti mains.


Something about the creases in the Ti drives me away. Log in Become a member.

If you like playing with jbbl, by all means do so. Sadly the replacement diaphragms are NLA at this point, but as long as they are not damaged, they should continue to sound great for years.

That and the rotted foam under the domes that makes them shrill. James Hart and Chris Brown like this. Your name or email address: Sadly I haven’t got the chance to audition them to ibl between the two.

Bdbras84Chris Brown and Kreshna like this. Discussion in ‘ Speakers ‘ started by KreshnaAug 17, Did you find this review helpful? MastrbuilderMay 21, Thanks for the replies, folks. Which one is arguably the better model?

You can’t lose money with vintage 4421 in good shape though. My new diaphragms came with new foam plugs as well. You must log in or sign up to reply here.