• June 21, 2019

How do you write a truly gripping thriller about people staring into computer screens? Many have tried, none have succeeded—until now. Leave it to Deaver, the. The Blue Nowhere by Jeffery Deaver – Jeffery Deaver, New York Times bestselling author of The Skin Collector and The Bone Collector featuring popular. Blue Nowhere by Jeffery Deaver – Jeffery Deaver, bestselling author of The Empty Chair and The Bone Collector, now turns to the labyrinthine world of.

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That would be a nice trick if a hacker figured out how to do it.

The Cybersecurity Canon: The Blue Nowhere

He held it up for both of them to use. They must stalk this faceless criminal through both the real and the virtual universe, combining their old and new world skills to beat this mastermind. YES I have read and consent to Hachette Australia using my personal information or data as set out in its Privacy Policy and I understand Hlue have the right to withdraw my consent at any time. There he learns every detail about his intended victim and ultimately murders them. A brilliant programmer, a cracker someone who breaks into another computer to do damage jeffedy opposed to a hacker who just breaks in to poke around for the thrill of beating the system is killing people and the Computer Crimes Unit edaver they are in way over their heads.

I really enjoyed this book, so many years after it was published. Overall, this was an enjoyable read. Overlooking the flawed details of this incredible story, I did find it enjoyable and entertaining.

This story sucked me in instantly, and I found myself more than willing to keep turning the pages to see how everything came together. To ask other readers questions about The Blue Nowhereplease sign up. Open Preview See a Problem? Jefferu Unfinished Novel and Other stories. His was the only car there.


The Blue Nowhere | Book by Jeffery Deaver | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

This could be a possibility. The only issue is that its not remotely correct. Lincoln Rhyme Book 3.

We do come to care about the characters and really want that bad guy nailed, and once the book gets toward mid-way, our reluctance to put it down is probably the best recommendation. They release a fellow hacker from federal prison to help them catch this guy before the next victim falls. Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you’ll love.

It’ a nifty metaphor and Deaver handles the technical details of this novel very well — at least as far as I could tell. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Teamed with dwaver homicide detective Frank Bishop, Gillette must combine their disparate talents to catch a brilliant and merciless killer. More books by Jeffery Deaver. Other squadrons represented here were Compaq, Hewlett-Packard and Apple, not to mention a slew of new kids on the block, start-up Internet companies, which were held in some disdain by the venerable Valley regulars.

He wore white jeans and a rumpled blue work shirt. I put this square on the shelf with other novels about hackers that do not exaggerate the craft.

To view it, click here. He portrays a frightening scenario of dezver committed by computer hackers. Deaver has written another winning tale that will send him to the top of the hard nownere best-selling charts.

Insomma, molto americano, molto “informatico” e molto avvincente. The story’s main character is Gillette who is hacker. A Lincoln Rhyme Short Story. blye

Gillette also a computer programmer, jailed for cracking a top military incription program, and a once confederate of Phate in the virtual game he is now playing for real. I will now seek out more of this books.

The Blue Nowhere Book Summary and Study Guide

Jeffery Deaver, bestselling author of The Empty Chair and The Bone Collector, now turns to the labyrinthine world of cyberspace — a world where safety is elusive, appearances are deceiving, and the most powerful can lose their wealth, their minds, their lives with a hacker’s touch of a button. This one had my mind spinning. Add to Cart Add to Cart. The computer crimes unit tracking him are not so brilliant. See full terms and conditions and this month’s choices. The odds run against the cops.


This was our first book by Deaver, so we had no background of his apparently pretty good list of best sellers to influence our thoughts on this one. She thought momentarily, as she did from time to time, that she should get a real job, like all of these people in the bar.

It was just paranoia, she told herself. Sign up and get a free eBook! There is little doubt that there is a spy in the investigation, though who it is Deaver does not let you know and you can guarantee if you think you know you will be wrong.

The Blue Nowhere – Jeffery Deaver – Google Books

Phate, the killer’s screen name, kills because he thinks of it as all a big MUD game, and keeps track of the points he gets for each successful kill. Blue Nowhere Unabridged Audio Download Apparently Wyatt and Phate were partners and friends at one time, but Phate has lost sight of reality and has begun The most amusing thing about reading this book in is that it’s ten years old and most, if not veaver, of the computer-based science and hacking and Internet lingo used by the characters is now outdated.

The climax becomes a battle of skills between the killer, Phate, and the hacker from jail, Gillette. All told, we find more than ample reasons to pursue other Deaver works.